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Science for a Smart Society

At CTIT we conduct the ICT research that make the societies of today and tomorrow smart. Societies are important to us: we are concerned about the relevance of our research for society, we embed our solutions into societies and preferably in a way that it seems normal to you and that it feels as if it's supposed to be that way. Multidisciplinary research is in our veins.

CTIT's research builds on two major research pillars:

  1. Cyber-Physical Systems
  2. Socio-Technical systems
Crossing these pillars, there are several themes on which research is being performed, such as:
  • Digital security
  • Intelligent logistics and mobility 
  • Monitoring and persuasive technologies (e.g., e-Health)
  • Robotics
  • Big data
Excellence is a key issue. The new institute's project Living Smart Campus forms a linking pin between all research activities, and is as such profiling for 'Science for a Smart Society'. The Campus becomes a center of open innovation, to which also industry, government bodies and citizens are committed. 

CTIT's research is internationally oriented; there is a large participation within European projects. The research areas of CTIT are linked to scientific challenges that are either economically relevant (such as the Dutch Top Sectors, pillar 2 Industrial Leadership Horizon 2020), or socially relevant (e.g., pillar 3 of Horizon 2020 Societal Challenges).