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Iddo Bante

Iddo Bante, business director CTIT. 
Personal homepage: http://bante5.nl

Iddo Bante (March 29, 1960) is Managing Director at the CTIT (Centre for Telematics and Information Technology) of the University of Twente (UT). CTIT is the largest academic ICT research institute in the Netherlands with over 475 researchers. Integration of technology-based research and its application in specific domains is a clear focus of the institute. CTIT is one of the founding fathers of the Netherlands Institute for Research on ICT (3TU.NIRICT). 3TU.NIRICT bundles the ICT research activities of the three Universities of Technology in the Netherlands. Iddo is program manager of 3TU.NIRICT.

In this capacity, Iddo oversees the institute's extensive international network of research institutes, universities and industrial partners. Bante is responsible for the knowledge valorization / knowledge and technology transfer activities of CTIT. As member of the Innovation Lab Twente and the UT Patent Commission, he is heavily involved in the creation of high-tech spin-off companies (average 7 per year for CTIT), using instruments such as the CTIT Smart Systems Business Accelerator, the UT Business Incubator TOP, Venture Lab Twente, and EIT.ICT Labs innovation & business catalysts such as Entrepreneurship Support Systems, Access to Finance, and Pre-Venture Loans.

Iddo is member of the Management Team and Manager Innovation & Business of EIT.ICT Labs the Netherlands and, together with prof. Aard Groen, European coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Support Systems catalyst of EIT.ICT Labs.

From 2002 to January 2011, Iddo was Board member of Technology Circle Twente (TKT), a network of more than 190 high-tech, small-medium sized enterprises in the region of Twente in the Netherlands. Members of this high-tech palette of Twente cover an enormous range of technologies and a string of breakthrough products has been realized. Nowadays, Iddo is member of the Advisory Board of TKT. Iddo is Board Member of the CDD (European Foundation for Controlled Drug Delivery), member of the Advisory Board of the ICMCC (International Council on Medical and Care Compunetics), and member of several Steering Committees of research and/or implementation projects.

Prior to its present position, Iddo was Business Director of the BMTI (Institute for Biomedical Engineering, in 2009 renamed into MIRA), another focal research institutes of the University of Twente. During this period, he coordinated several European research training networks with participants from universities, industry and health care organizations: ‘Artificial Neuromuscular Sensing and Control’ (7 participants in 4 EU countries, May 1995 – September 1996), ‘Neuromuscular Sensing and Stimulation’ (interview, 2 mln Euro, 10 participants in 7 EU states, October 1996 – October 2000) and ‘Neural Prosthesis’ (1.5 mln Euro, 11 participants in 8 EU countries, October 2000 – September 2001). He also served as coordinator at the Centre for Homecare and Rehabilitation and Innovative Entrepreneurship and was a member of the Management Team at the Centre for Rehabilitation Technology. Iddo chaired the Knowledge Transfer theme of the Regional Technology Plan Twente in the year 2001.

Iddo has an industrial background and worked with the Dutch multinational firm DSM as leader of the Agro-biotechnology Research Group from 1987 to 1990. In 1990, he moved to the Business Development department of DSM Special Products business unit (fine-chemicals and performance chemicals). Apart from above mentioned main jobs, Iddo was co-founder of two SME’s. 

Iddo has a master's degree in Molecular Genetics with a minor in Bioprocess Technology and Biochemistry from the Free University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. His research work resulted in a patent application by the Unilever Research Laboratory.