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Meet Johnny Hartz Søraker....

Dr. Johnny Hartz Søraker is temporarily taking over the activities of Aimee van Wynsberghe as ethical advisor of CTIT, as Aimee is on maternity leave until October 2013.

Johnny Søraker is Assistant Professor of Philosophy of technology in the Department of Philosophy. He defended his PhD cum laude at the same department, as part of a VICI project supervised by Prof. Dr. Philip Brey. The dissertation mainly dealt with the ethics of virtual worlds, with a particular focus on their potential impact on personal well-being. Søraker's main research interests and publications lie in the intersections between Information Technology and ethics. He often grounds his work in psychological research, especially work in the field of Positive Psychology, and is developing this toward a comprehensive methodology entitled ‘Prudential-Empirical Ethics of Technology (PEET). Søraker also teaches ethics in several departments, for which he received the University of Twente’s “teacher of the year” award in 2012, and he also hosts a podcast in which he interviews some of the leading philosophers and ethicists of today (www.suchthatcast.com).

Johnny Søraker can be contacted at: +31 53 489 5603 (office) or +31 6 4705 9544, email: j.h.soraker@utwente.nl.