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8 M-€ grant for CTIT researchers in the EU/FP7 Programme!!!

CTIT has been very successful in Call 8 of the EU/FP7 programme and two smaller Calls on Security and Mobility. In total, CTIT researchers submitted 27 proposals, of which 9 (33% !) were approved. This is very good score, since generally acceptance rates are quite below 20%. The UT is project coordinator of 4 of these projects, of 2 IPs and 2 NoEs. The total budget for CTIT amounts to 10 M-€, funding almost 8 M-€.

Especially, the DACS group has been very successful: 4 of these projects were submitted by them!!!

It concerns the following projects:

Integrated projects:

  • Go-Lab (IST-group; UT is project coordinator), budget: 2.4 M-€ / funding: 1.9 M-€
  • TREsPASS (DIES, FMT, IS and MRV groups; UT is project coordinator), budget: 3.3 M-€ / funding: 2.7 M-€
  • MobileCloud (DACS group), budget: 623 k-€ / funding 485 k-€


  • DUPLO (ICD group), budget: 514 k-€ / 390 k-€ funding
  • Mobility2.0 (DACS group), budget: 372 k-€ / funding 285 k-€
  • NASCENCE (FMT group; UT is project coordinator), budget: 1.3 M-€ / funding: 1 M-€
  • SALUS (DACS group), budget: 490 k-€ / funding 368 k-€
  • SENSATION (FMT and CAES groups), budget: 476 k-€ / funding: 271 k-€

Network of Excellence:

  • FLAMINGO (DACS group; UT is project coordinator), budget: 675 k-€ / funding 554 k-€

CTIT congratulates all research groups with this success!!!!