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CTIT spin-off SecurityMatters nominated for Dutch ICT~Awards 2012

SecurityMatters, a CTIT spin-off company, is one out of three nominees for the National ICT~Awards 2012 in the category Knowledge transfer (COMMIT Wetenschapsvalorisatieprijs 2012).

Other nominees in the category are Netherware, a spin-off from Utrecht University and Tiffany and Rosanne, based on research from Wageningen University. A jury including Gerard van Oortmerssen (Tilburg University and former director ICTRegie), Hennie Wesseling (former chairman CIO Platform), Arie van Deursen (Professor at TUDelft and winner of the 2008 ICTRegie Award) and Hans Abbink (director Almende), will decide on the winner.

SecurityMatters started in 2008 and was incorporated in December 2009. The core of their current technology was developed at the University of Twente in more than 12 man-years of research. Their core business is delivering technologies for network security. They provide state-of-the-art and next generation solutions for network intrusion detection.

The technology is aimed at protecting high-value networks from internal and external known and unknows threats. Target customers range from financial institutions to government agencies and utility companies. Currently under development are new solutions to effectively monitor industrial process control networks from cyber-threats.

The COMMIT Wetenschapsvalorisatieprijs
The “COMMIT Wetenschapsvalorisatieprijs” is a continuation of the ICTRegie Awards. With the award, COMMIT wants to acknowledge and encourage knowledge transfer. It honours the group or person who succeeded in converting research based knowledge into an application benefitting society and/or enabling economic growth.

Other categories are the ICT~Office Innovation Award and the ICT~Environmental Award.

Winners will be announced during an award ceremony at Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin, Noordwijk on May 31, 2012.

Go to the ICT~Office website more information on the COMMIT Wetenschapsvalorisatieaward or the nominees.