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April 2012

Introductory workshop for PhD candidates

For whom?

To welcome our TGS-graduate students we organize introductory meetings three times a year. In these sessions, we pay attention to the overall structure of the Twente Graduate School, its broadening possibilities and the overall structure of doing a PhD.

Date 2012

Thursday 10th of May

from 9.30 till 14.15.


Vrijhof, Kleine Zaal


This course is free of charge. Participants are however expected to have permission from their supervisor


Please send an email to: e.r.cheret@utwente.nl


By the end of the introductory session, the PhD’s

• know the general structure of the TGS with its programmes

• have a view on the broadening possibilities

• can explain the overall structure of the PhD-process (the phases, milestones, pitfalls, prevent and/or cope with those pitfalls) and can formulate their expectations concerning supervision.


Main topics:

General structure of PhD process, Qualifier, TSP, broadening perspectives.

Overall PhD-process (the phases, milestones, pitfalls, prevent and/or cope with those pitfalls ) and expectations concerning supervision.

A workshop with practical and very useful suggestions. Next to some plenary discussions you will work in small groups and learn from each other’s experiences.


5 hours, including lunch


Organisation of this course is a cooperation of the Career Development Centre and the Educational Service Department.

Information about this course can be given by:

Cornelise Vreman-de Olde

Educational Service Department


Schedule of the introductory workshop:

9.30 h: Welcome to the TGS

Prof. Dr. Gerard van der Steenhoven, Dean of TGS

9.45 h: TGS PhD Profile and Education

Prof. Dr. Ir. Petra de Weerd-Nederhof, Director TGS

10.15 h: Getting to know each other

Dr. Cornelise Vreman, workshop leader

10.30 h: Coffee & Tea

10.45 h: Planning and Supervision Workshop

Dr. Cornelise Vreman, workshop leader

12.15 h: Lunch

13.00 h: The value of Broadening Perspectives on research. An example.

Prof. Philip Brey.

13.45 h: PNUT

PhD Network of the University of Twente, the official PhD association of the University of Twente.

14.15 h: End