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Best Poster Award for new PhD Candidate Mahdin Mahboob

Mahdin Mahboob, a new PhD Candidate at the TE (Telecommunication Engineering) group at EEMCS, has received the ‘Best Poster Award’ at the ‘Sense of Contact 14’ (http://www2.fhi.nl/senseofcontact/) academia-industry conference held at Soesterberg, the Netherlands on April 11.

The Sense of Contact Conference saw Dutch universities, institutes and industry presenting their recent sensor research and development according to challenges in robotics for Security, Industry and Medical purposes.

The poster was about the suggested research work in the WALNUT (Wireless Ad-hoc Links using robust Noise-based Ultra-wideband Transmission) project which has started between three research groups (TE, DACS and ICD) at UT and industrial partners DevLab, Thales and NXP.

Co-authored with Arjan Meijerink and Mark Bentum of the TE group and Sarwar Morshed and Geert Heijenk of the DACS (Design and Analysis of Communication Systems Group), the poster was titled ‘Noise Based Transmitted Reference Modulation for Wireless Sensor Networks’.