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Entrepreneurial Research Day, May 2 2012

The EIT’s Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) aims to foster innovation by empowering entrepreneurially driven people through a set of education oriented activities. As part of its effort to develop the Entrepreneurial Spirit among researchers, EIT ICT Labs will organize a set of Entrepreneurial Research Days. The first one will take place on May 2nd in Paris.


The objectives of this day are:

  • To show and demonstrate that entrepreneurial research can be as excellent as basic research.
  • To share experience with successful entrepreneurial researchers internal or external of EIT ICT Labs in the area of ICT.

The presentations and follow-up round table target researchers, Ph.D. and Master students. Both presentations and round table will be recorded and live broadcasted to all the EIT ICT Labs’ nodes. They will enable participants from every location to interact with the speakers through different channels (on-site questions, interactive walls).

Contact: Olivier Festor (Olivier.Festor@ictlabs.eu)

Meeting Location: UPMC / LIP6, Amphithéâtre 25, 4 place Jussieu, 75005 Paris