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Topics Second Celtic-Plus Call


Second Celtic-Plus Call has been launched - Submission deadline 10 October 2011


Celtic-Plus, the recently extended EUREKA cluster programme in ICT/ telecommunications, has started today its second Call for Proposals 2011-2 (Autumn Call).

The new fast call process, allowing two full proposal calls per year is expected to speed up the overall proposal process by 6 to 9 months. It is expected that accepted and labelled projects may already start early 2012.

Possible research items are listed below. More details are provided in the Celtic-Plus Purple Book 2011 (http://www.celticplus.eu/PurpleBook+/Purplebook.asp).

Get Connected

-        - Infrastructure and connectivity aspects

-        - Fixed/ Wireless, optics, energy-efficiency

-        - Network architecture , autonomic networks

While Connected

-        - End-to-end services and applications, like

-        - Digital home, digital enterprises

-        - Digital City (incl. digital school, digital transport)

-        - E-Health

-        - Security, privacy, identity

Future Internet relations

-        - Complement Future Internet (FI-PPP) program by

-        - Making the Internet a high-quality service platform

-        -- Introduce the 'Celtic-Plus Use-Case Factory'  (Extend the program by additional use-cases)

-        - Contribute to future internet capacity building and test cases/ platforms

Green-Internet relations

-        - Consider environmental issues in ICT

-        - Encourage better energy efficiency

-        - Consider Smart Grid, Water management & ICT

-        - Develop multi-disciplinary approach


Call details are available at: http://www.celticplus.eu/Project-calls/Call-2011/call-2011-information.asp


Presented of Project Ideas

Numerous project ideas have been presented at the Celtic Event in Heidelberg and at the common EU.FP7 and Celtic-Plus Proposer's Day in Warsaw. Many of the proposers are interested to extend their current consortium with additional interested partners. Please contact the presenters for further information.


Joint EU-FP7 and Celtic-Plus proposer's day in Warsaw (http://www.futurenetworksummit.eu/2011/default.asp?page=relevents)


Celtic-Plus Event and Proposer's Day in Heidelberg (http://www.celticplus.eu/Events/Old-events/Event2011/programme-1.asp)


In case you have any additional question related to the call, your proposal, or funding aspects please do not hesitate to contact the Celtic Office.

with best regards

Heinz Brüggemann

Director Celtic Office

Wieblinger Weg 19/4

69123 Heidelberg/ Germany

Tel: +496221989210

Mobile: +491713309452


Celtic-Plus is operated by Eurescom GmbH/ Heidelberg 

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