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Van den Kroonenberg Prize for CTIT spin-off Recore Systems

At the close of the 2010 University of Twente Innovation Lecture, the Van den Kroonenberg Prize for young entrepreneurship was awarded to the successful CTIT spinoff business Recore Systems.

The company Recore Systems was founded by Paul Heysters, Lodewijk Smit and Gerard Rauwerda as a spin-off of the research institute CTIT (Center for Telematics and Information Technology) of the University of Twente in 2005. Since then, the company has been growing healthily and developed innovative products based on scientific knowledge.


The winners, Gerard Rauwerda, Lodewijk Smit and Paul Heysters, with (left) UT Executive Board chairman Anne Flierman and (right) jury chairman GĂ© Klein Wolterink.

Recore Systems is specialized in innovative new processors that are versatile, cheap and energy-efficient. This is achieved by making the processors 'reconfigurable': they can adapt themselves like chameleons to the circumstances and the application in use. The reconfigurable multi-core designs allow instant adaptation to new situations and offer a unique combination of flexibility, high performance, low power and low cost. Besides reconfigurable hardware solutions, Recore provides accompanying IDE tools, software libraries and application engineering services. Scalability of the technology allows use in both consumer and high-end applications. Recore Systems' products enable highly efficient reconfigurable multi-core systems for applications such as broadcasting, multimedia, wireless telecommunication and digital beamforming. The company will soon release a chip for receiving digital radio and TV, which targets consumer electronics such as portable media players and smart phones.

Recore Systems and CTIT continue to tackle advanced research challenges in several joint projects. In the CRISP project, a Europe-wide consortium is using Recore's new Xentium® technology to demonstrate a highly scalable, reconfigurable system concept for use in a wide range of applications (for more information see www.crisp-project.eu).

Recore Systems has already been awarded numerous prizes, including the IP-SoC Award, the ING Bank Starters Prize and New Venture. The company is an outstanding example of the successful valorization of scientific knowledge, and it is experiencing healthy growth. Reason enough for the award of the 2010 Van Den Kroonenberg Prize for young enterprise! The prize, awarded this year for the 27th time by the University of Twente Fund Foundation, is named after Prof. Harry van den Kroonenberg, who as Rector Magnificus was the founding father of the entrepreneurial university.