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Monday 29 March - Wednesday 31 March 2010: First SmartXp workshop: space dividers


First SmartXp workshop: space dividers

Monday 29 March *through* Wednesday 31 March

Brainstorm session: Monday afternoon 29 March *or* Tuesday morning 30 March
Location: SmartXp
Registration: smartxp@ewi.utwente.nl


Dear SmartXp supporter,

Herewith we invite you to participate in the first of a series of SmartXp workshops: space dividers.

However urgent, the main reason for this workshop is the urge that (potential) users of the lab expressed to mould the lab space but are reluctant to actually do so. With this workshop we want to set an example. To name a few examples for the urge for space dividers, users may require a projection wall, may have troubles with direct lighting, or simple like to create some privacy.

This workshop is given by the concept architects of the SmartXp:

  • Geza Fischl (MAF and Lulea University) and
  • Mats Ohman (MAF).

The intent of this workshop is to stimulate a creative environment along the concepts of Flexibility, Functionality, and Fascination (3F).

The objective is to conceptualize and visualize in a tangible form a space divider, which fulfils the basic concept of 3F for the SmartXp Lab.

After the workshop participants can define and understand:

  • the abstraction of the physical boundaries
  • the associative concepts regarding basic forms
  • the applied contextual theory

After the workshop participants should be able to:

  • apply basic and complex conceptual solution for problems with interaction between human and built environment domain
  • express interaction between human and the built environment

Participation is open to all of our supporters. In case of heavily over bookings we will though give priority to staff and students of our shareholders and sponsors (EWI/CTIT).

You can participate in two ways:

Full workshop:
Monday 29 March *through* Wednesday 31 March
Here we work on concepts and tangible prototypes

Brainstorm session:
Monday afternoon 29 March *or* Tuesday morning 30 March
Here we elicit requirements

Participation is free but not without strings. We expect active commitment.

SmartXp intends to organise workshops on a regular basis. Workshops will be set up around a dedicated theme, yet in a multi-disciplinary setting. If you have ideas for themes, please contact us.

To register for this workshop, please send an email with your affiliation and your interests (full workshop, or which of the two brainstorms sessions) to: smartxp@ewi.utwente.nl

Further information will be placed on the website tab: Research -> Workshops.

Obviously we are happy to take comments and provide more information.


Hylke van Dijk