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July 7-9, 2010: IPCC 2010 will be organized in Twente!

IEEE Professional Communication Conference in Twente

The new communication technologies of Web 2.0 enable us to communicate with each other on an unprecedented scale. These technologies make it seem that we don’t need the help of technical specialists or professional communicators anymore because we create our own news channels, journals, encyclopedias, learning materials, travel information and health advice in a number of ways.

What does this mean for engineers, for companies, for government organizations? Does the “network society” really connect us, or does it make us to hyper-individuals? Do these technologies enhance collaboration? Are we really moving from just publishing information to true conversation?

These questions – and many others - will be discussed at t he IEEE International Professional Communication Conference (IPCC) to be held at the University of Twente in the Netherlands July 7 – 9. The theme of the conference is: Communicating in a Self-Service Society.

The conference addresses the growing culture of self-service worldwide and the ways designers, engineers and communicators can help users and consumers take advantage of these services, especially when they are mediated via the Internet and other ICT applications.

Our keynote speakers, Philip Breij, John Riedl, and Ginny Redish will set the tone for discussions. The conference will also include many sessions on subjects as: self- service, digital learning, user-generated content, usability, technology acceptance, English as a foreign language, technical communication, and many related topics.

The program will also include keynote addresses, tutorials and workshops, and a special session with interesting posters and media showcases.

To get more details about the conference and register as a participant visit www.ieeepcs.org.

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