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RMT-RRD seminar: Dr. Femida Gwadry-Sridhar: From mathematical modeling to patient portals, different uses of data and visualization, where the rubber meets the road

RMT-RRD1 seminar

Dr. Femida Gwadry-Sridhar

From mathematical modeling to patient portals, different uses of data and visualization, where the rubber meets the road.

Dr. Femida Gwadry-Sridhar

Tuesday 16th February 2010, 15.00-16.00
Roessingh Research and Development (Large meeting room)

Dr. Femida Gwadry-Sridhar is Director of Health Informatics at the Lawson Health Research Institute. She is a pharmacist, epidemiologist and methodologist with over 15 years of experience in clinical trials and disease registries. Her research is in the area of medication compliance, development of conceptual frameworks for understanding causal inferences in disease outcomes and processes to understand knowledge translation.

Dr. Gwadry-Sridhar holds a number of peer-reviewed grants from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario (Canada) and from CIHR to evaluate knowledge translation. In 2006, she was awarded a five-year CIHR New Investigator Award in Knowledge Translation (2006-2011). Through the CIHR funded trial, Dr. Gwadry-Sridhar and her colleagues at The University of Western Ontario, intensivists in the Critical Care Research Network (CCR-Net), and cardiologists in London and Hamilton are using novel business methodologies to determine systems and process differences within institutions that lead to disparities in outcomes in patients with acute myocardial infarcts across Ontario ICUs.

As Chair of the "Determinants of Compliance" working group at the International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR), Dr. Gwadry-Sridhar is leading new methodologic inquiry into the areas of pharmacoeconomics and health outcomes research. She is also a core member of the Analyses Standards Group on compliance research at ISPOR. This group has developed methodologies to conduct and analyze retrospective and prospective compliance research.

Femida Gwadry-Sridhar, B.Sc.Phm, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Director-Health Informatics Lawson
Assistant Professor Departments of Medicine, Pharmacology and Physiology
The University of Western Ontario
CIHR New Investigator-Knowledge Translation
Associate Director Critical Care Research Network
London, Ontario
T: 519-685-8500 ext. 42690
E: femida.gwadry-sridhar@lhsc.on.ca

1 A joint seminar by Remote Monitoring and Treatment Group (RMT) and Roessingh Research and Development (RRD)

Hosts: Dr Val Jones, Remote Monitoring and Treatment Group (aka Telemedicine Group)/BSS, University of Twente: v.m.jones@utwente.nl and Harm op d en Akker (RRD): h.opdenakker@rrd.nl