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CTIT PhDs demonstrate at Dutch TED Event

CTIT PhDs demonstrate at Dutch TED Event

TED is devoted to 'ideas worth spreading', bringing together three

worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. The TED talks are wellknown.

Many innovative ideas in computer science have been presented at TED

events and videos of the talks are always made available on the web.

On November 20, a TED event is being organized in the Royal Tropical

Institute in Amsterdam. 450 people will attend (by invitation only) to

listen to top speakers with an 'idea worth spreading', to watch amazing

tech demo's, to be inspired by local talent, and to enjoy superb art and

entertainment. During the day the event will be streamed into the

ActiveWorlds Europe 3D environments.

Two PhD students from the Human Media Interaction group of the CTIT have

been invited to give an on-stage performance with their Brain-Computer

Interface to the multiplayer online game World of Warcraft. The PhD

students are Danny Plass-Oude Bos and Bram van de Laar. Blizzard

Entertainment, the Californian company creator of World of Warcraft

reacted enthusiastically to this news and plans to distribute the video

of the demonstration around the company.