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The University of Twente strives to deliver teaching and facilitate research of the highest quality. It aims to provide specialist expertise and solutions that make a substantial difference. This mission is reflected in the working group "Excellent Research", which forms part of the RoUTe 14 project. Together we can make a difference through excellent research. You too can join in and share your scientific knowledge, passion and energy at the first workshop in this series with the focus on: renewable energy'.

The workshop will take place in "De Drienerburght" and will include a plenary morning session and an afternoon session during which three parallel groups will discuss in greater detail the problems and issues affecting a number of important sub-categories of renewable energy. Each session will be coordinated by two scientists: one from the technical domain and one from the non-technical domain. The workshop will be chaired by Prof. Hans Kuipers, Science Director for the research institute IMPACT (Institute of Mechanics, Processes and Control-Twente).

The specific objective of these sessions is to generate proposals for joint post-doc research, which will be funded by the Executive Board.

Date: 13 November 2009
Time: 10.00 - 16.30 hour
Place: De Drienerburght

If you did not register yourself yet, please do so today!
Participation in the workshop is by prior registration only.