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Smart Signs Solutions receives 200.000 euro to bring its technology to the market!

Smart Signs

The SME-company Smart Signs Solutions, started by dr. Maria Lijding, Pervasive Systems group of the University of Twente / CTIT, has received a second STW Valorisation Grant of 200.000 euro. With this budget she will further develop the smart signs technology and bring it to the market.

Last year, Smart Signs Solutions received already a STW Valorisation Grant phase 1 of 25.000 euro to explore the technological feasibility and to do marketing research. This resulted in a concrete business plan, on which STW awarded the second grant. TOP-company B&M Business Development did the marketing research and supported the preparation of the business plan.

Smart Signs is an electronic signposting system, providing personalized guidance and messaging. Smart Signs combine the advantages of traditional signage, which subsumes traditional directional signs and messages, with the re-activeness and flexibility of personal services, such as navigational support, and SMS. The Smart Signs system uses contexts such as a user’s mobility limitations, the weather, and possible emergency situations like fire or medical needs to optimize routes and messaging. The Smart Signs system was first developed within the BSIK Smart Surroundings project.

Contact: Maria Lijding & Nirvana Meratnia