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STW valorization grant for BloomWise

BloomWise (http://www.bloomwise.com) is a spin-off company of the University of Twente and the Embedded Systems Institute; the technology that BloomWise is offering has evolved from joint research between the University of Twente, Embedded Systems Institute, and industrial partners (most notably ASML). It has been founded by Gürcan Gülesir and Lodewijk Bergmans.

The vision of Bloomwise is to deliver lightweight, practical solutions that help software engineers to improve the quality of their products and improve the software development process.

BloomWise approaches this by offering tool-oriented (automated) solutions that directly contribute to the final products and goals of software developers, for example by establishing a direct link between design and  the source code.

The current solution offering is centered around the SmoothVibes toolset, which offers a substantially better software development experience through the use of lightweight documentation that provides early feedback on its correctness, and can be used to -automatically- verify correctness of the implementation.

The benefits of the solution has been partially verified through controlled  experiments at ASML (www.asml.com), and the results indicate that
our solution can reduce up to 20% of the overall software development effort, and
prevent many bugs.

For more information, visit www.bloomwise.com, or contact the founders at "info_AT_bloomwise_DOT_com" (replace _AT_ and _DOT_ with '@' resp. '.').