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Poster Competition - CTIT Symposium

Awards 2007

The PhD student poster competition that complements the festivities around the CTIT annual symposium has now entered its third year, and has already become a bit of a tradition. We asked the students to submit an abstract in advance to help the jury on the day of the Symposium to select the three best posters. Our distinguished guests Jan van Bemmel and Yuval Shahar were kind enough to act as the jury. My own role was purely to facilitate the task of the jury; in particular I did not have a say in the selection of the posters.

Even with the abstract to hand, time was short to judge the research behind the posters. Another complication is the fact that the jury had to compare work of beginning PhD students and students who are about to graduate, and work by very small and very large teams, as well as work in a vast range of areas.

The jury based its verdict on the criteria published for the competition i.e. clarity, novelty, attractiveness, and demonstrated appreciation of related work. This year, relevance to the theme of the Symposium was not amongst the selection criteria.

The jury regrets that valuable research had to be dismissed in the process, but unfortunately given the constraints, that was inevitable.

The jury unanimously agreed to award three prizes of 500, 250 and 100 EURO.

The third prize of 100 EURO goes to poster # 19 made by Mohammed Khatib of the DIES group because his work is clearly at the forefront of technology. He simulates storage devices that are not yet on the market in order to predict their behaviour, thus clearly demonstrating the benefits of simulation approaches. The jury recommends that the simulation results should be validated as soon as possible with real measurements.

The second prize of 250 EURO goes to poster # 22 made by Anna Zych of the DB group because her highly original theoretical work has practical implications and it has generated industrial interest. The poster is very attractive, with a fractal that she made herself, and her work presents appropriate citations. However the problem statement was not phrased on the poster.

The first prize of 500 EURO goes to poster # 23 made by Almar Klein of the SAS group because the application is highly original, and the approach encourages the patients to take responsibility for their own well being in home care. The poster is attractive and self explanatory. This is work in its very early stages; the jury recommends that in future appreciation of work by others should be shown.

Finally the jury would like to commend poster # 2 made by Riham Abdel Kader of the DB group, who made a very clear statement of her research problem and poster # 14 made by Wim Fikkert of the HMI group for his highly original Wizard of Oz experimental design.

The jury thanks all the students who have spent countless hours creating their posters, and wishes them well in the pursuit of their research. The jury believes that the attention the students received from the delegates to the symposium was both well deserved and appreciated by the students.

Finally, may I thank the members of the Jury on behalf of CTIT for their heroic efforts to judge the 23 posters fairly and quickly, working all the time the rest of us enjoyed our lunch!

Pieter Hartel