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Showing My Way

Showing My Way

Maria Lijding and Nirvana Meratnia, both Postdocs at the Embedded Systems Cluster, won the1st round of STW valorization grant for the proposal entitled ”Showing My Way: Personalized Guidance and Messages with Ubiquitous Displays”. The main objective of the € 25.000 grant is to conduct a technology and market feasibility analysis and to further develop the business idea for Smart Signs.

Smart Signs are a new type of electronic signs providing personalized guidance and messaging. Smart Signs combine the advantages of traditional signage, which subsumes traditional directional signs and messages, with the re-activeness and flexibility of personal services, such as navigational support, and SMS. The Smart Signs system uses contexts such as a user’s mobility limitations, the weather, and possible emergency situations like fire or medical needs to optimize routes and messaging.

The Smart Signs system was developed within the Smart Surroundings BSIK project. In February 2007, an advanced prototype of the Smart Signs system has been deployed at two buildings of the University of Twente, namely Zilverling and Waaier and usability tests have been carried out. The usability tests have shown that when using Smart Signs in unfamiliar environment people find their destination much faster and with fewer errors. Furthermore, the users express a high degree of satisfaction and applaud the personalization of the signs.

In commission of ICT-Regie, a large scale pilot was carried out during the two day ICT-Delta congress in May 2007, which took place in the Beatrixgebouw at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The signs were used to guide visitors to the multiple parallel sessions and events, and to the stands on the exposition floor.