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CTIT Symposium 2006

Smart Mix is a new research programme of the Dutch government with an annual budget of 100 M-€. It is an initiative of the Ministeries of Economic Affairs, and Education, Culture & Sciences, the administration has been delegated to SenterNovem and NWO. The programme fosters cooperation between industry, knowledge institutes and social services institutions.


A proposal has to be of scientific excellence and contributes to the development of innovative products and processes in areas where there are chances for the Netherlands in societal and economic perspective.


Smart Mix has two related objectives, on which proposals will be selected:

  • Reinforcement of focus and mass in excellent scientific research
  • Societal and economic value creation / valorisation

Both should be in balance within the programme period. Value creation should take place in the Netherlands, however, if relevant, the international dimension (e.g., European research area, European networks, European technology Platforms) can also be taken into account.

Budget /duration

The overall budget per year will be 100 M-€. Project proposals should typically be about 3-10 M-€ / year, depending on scientific discipline. Project duration: 4-8 years. The maximum subsidy will be 60% of the estimated eligible project costs.

Review criteria

As mentioned before, proposals will be selected on:

  1. Reinforcement of focus and mass in excellent scientific research; research groups should be of excellent quality, the ‘international top’, vital groups with a large potential on the long term.
  2. Societal and economic value creation / valorisation. The proposal must give a clear perspective on this issue. The project should be carried out by large consortia of knowledge institutes (universities, research institutes, technological institutes and HBO-institutes), users/appliers of research (industry, SMEs, social services institutions)


Consortia can submit a short project proposal to the Smart Mix secretariat until September 1, 2006. After selection, full proposals have to be submitted ultimately by December 1, 2006.

Annually, there will be new selection rounds (at least one), always existing of a pre-proposal phase (mandatory) and a full proposal phase (after selection).

Relevant documents

More information

SenterNovem: (070) 373 53 19
NWO: (070) 344 07 11
Smart Mix website / information is in Dutch.

Or locally:
Iddo Bante, managing director CTIT, telephone: 053-4893998

Wilma Hiddink, project coordinator CTIT, telephone: 053-4893792