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IST - 4th Call deadline 22 March



FP6: IST program Future and Emerging Technologies Open domain, open until December 31, 2004. The purpose of FET open is to enable a range of ideas for future and emerging technologies to be explored and realised. The scheme is open to the widest possible spectrum of research opportunities that relate to Information Society Technologies. FET open offers funding implemented through Specific Targeted Research Projects (STREP) for work that could lead to breakthroughs or major advances, in particular: The realisation of bold ideas that would involve high risks, or high quality longer term research with sound objectives. FET-Open also supports the shaping, consolidation, or emergence of research communities and the coordination of national research programmes or activities in any IST-relevant area of advanced and longer term research. Such activities are implemented through coordination actions (CA) and specific support measures (SSA).


22-03-05: DEADLINE 4th Call EU/FP6 IST Programme

Some areas:

IST-2004-2.3.4 (viii) - Advanced Computing Architectures

IST-2004-2.3.4 (ix) - Presence and Interaction in Mixed Reality Environments

IST-2004-2.3.4 (x) - Situated and Autonomic Communications

IST-2004-2.4.3 - Towards a global dependability and security framework

IST-2004-2.4.4 - Broadband for All

IST-2004-2.4.5 - Mobile and Wireless Systems and Platforms Beyond 3G

IST-2004-2.4.6 - Networked Audio Visual Systems and Home Platforms

IST-2004-2.4.7 - Semantic-based Knowledge and Content Systems

IST-2004-2.4.8 - Cognitive Systems

IST-2004-2.4.9 - ICT Research for Innovative Government

IST-2004-2.4.10 - Technology-enhanced Learning

IST-2004-2.4.11 - Integrated biomedical information for better health

IST-2004-2.4.12 - eSafety – Co-operative Systems for Road Transport

IST-2004-2.4.13 - Strengthening the Integration of the ICT research effort in an Enlarged Europe