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Ed Brinksma appointed scientific director at ESI

Prof. dr. Ed Brinksma of CTIT has been appointed as Scientific Director of the Embedded Systems Institute (ESI) in Eindhoven.

Prof.dr. Ed Brinksma, CTIT, University of Twente

Having obtained an MSc in Mathematics at the University of Groningen Ed Brinksma completed a doctoral dissertation at the University of Twente (UT) on the formal description and analysis of communication-protocol systems. This research led to development of the formal description technique LOTOS, which was published as an ISO International Standard in 1989. Following a stay at the Swedish Institute for Computer Science in Stockholm, he was appointed full professor of Formal Methods and Tools at the Department of Computer Science at the UT in 1991. His research group focuses on the use of mathematical methods for the modeling and analysis of embedded systems, and the development of supporting software tools. In 2004, Ed Brinksma was also appointed adjoint professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Science of the University of Aalborg in Denmark.

Leading the CTIT chair in Formal Methods, Ed Brinksma has built up a strong position in the field of model-based testing for embedded systems. His group made important contributions to the controlled development and quality control of the control software of the ‘Nieuwe Waterweg’ storm surge barrier in the port of Rotterdam. In addition to the development of proper testing procedures, this work also involved verification using so called model-checking techniques. Model checking makes use of logical methods and computational power to determine desirable and undesirable properties of system models. In recent years his group contributed important extensions of this technique for determining hard and soft performance properties of embedded systems.

Ed Brinksma is involved in a large number of national and international research projects, networks of excellence, editorial boards of scientific journals and conferences in the areas of formal methods, software engineering, and embedded systems. He has been active in a managing capacity amongst others in international standardization, as Dean and Chair of the Department of Computer Science and Board member of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science at the UT, and as Chair of the Project Evaluation Board for Computer Science of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research.