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Integrated Circuit Design Group joines CTIT

Integrated Circuit Design Group joines CTIT
The Integrated Circuit Design Group (ICD) has become one of the participating research groups in CTIT. Head of this group is prof.dr.ir. B. Nauta.

IC Design Group

Short description:
In the Integrated Circuit Design group (ICD-group) we do research on integrated transceivers in CMOS technology. This includes transmitters and receivers for wireless (GSM, DECT, satellite , etc.) and wireline (subscriber line, cable modems, fiber) communication systems. We develop clever IC design techniques to realize more portable and faster communication systems at a low cost. Current projects are in the field of AD converters, frequency synthesizers, Radio frontends, noise reduction and fiber-optic interfaces. Also with the coming of a new part-time professor, the field of microwave components will be explored. These challenges in high-frequency analog and mixed-signal circuit design are addressed in close cooperation with the industry, in order to find fundamental solutions for practical problems.

More information can be found on: http://www.icd.el.utwente.nl