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ASTD Award for Betty Collis' research

Shell EP Learning and the University of Twente honoured internationally for their "research to practice" partnership

Shell EP Learning has a highly productive partnership with the research team of Professor Betty Collis of the University of Twente since 2000. Prof Collis has a world-wide reputation for technology in support of learning within the broader picture of building learning as a strategic lever in an organization. The innovative partnership between Prof. Collis and her team and Shell EP Learning has helped to shape and stimulate a model of blended learning based on work-based activities, supported by the Web-based course management TeleTOP (developed by Prof. Collis and her team at the University of Twente) that is unique in the industry. The partnership has now been acknowledged internationally as a "best practice" award winner of the ASTD.  ASTD (http://www.astd.org/ASTD/About_ASTD) is the  "leading association of workplace learning and performance professionals, forming a world-class community of practice. ASTD's 70,000 members and associates come from more than 100 countries and thousands of organizations...that recognizes and sets the standard for best practices...in workplace learning and performance".  The prestigious "Excellence in Research-to-Practice" award  for 2005 in the category "Researcher Practitioner Partnership" (http://www.astd.org/astd/About_ASTD/Awards/research_to_practice.html ) has been awarded to the partnership between Prof. Collis' research team from the University of Twente and Shell EP Learning. Within Shell EP Learning, Prof. Collis serves as Head of Research for the Knowledge, Innovation and Design Team (KID) and her Team Leader is Erland Joergensen. Betty and Erland together prepared and submitted the nomination submission.  The award will be presented at the ASTD 2005 Conference, June 4-9, in Orlando, Florida.  Betty and Erland will be invited to present the work of of the research-practice collaboration at the Conference and the work will also be featured in various ASTD publications.