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Workshop for IST call 5 Multimodal Interfaces

Do you want to submit a project proposal in IST call 5 for Multimodal Interfaces? Come to discuss your ideas at our workshop.

In view of the 5th call for proposals to be published later this year, unit INFSO/E1 is organising an interactive workshop on 28 February 2005 in our Luxembourg offices to allow representatives of industry and academia to present ideas on the practical implementation of European R&D in interface technologies.

Because we want to involve players that have a real interest in participating in the 5th call, each attendee is expected to submit a short description of a project proposal falling within the scope of multimodal interfaces (see the IST 2005-06 workprogramme ftp://ftp.cordis.lu/pub/ist/docs/ist_wp-2005-06_final_en.pdf section 2.5.7 "Multimodal Interfaces".

The project description should be limited to max. 2 pages and contain the basic parameters of the project idea (scientific and technologic background, short descirption of activities, justification for European funding, partnership).

The deadline for project descriptions is Wednesday 16 February 2005. The submitted descriptions will be published at the Cordis website. The ideas presented in the papers will be discussed in the workshop and you may be invited to justify your views and to stimulate a discussion on your topic. However, it will not be possible to give all participants the opportunity to give a presentation due to the limited time.

The number of seats is limited and registrations are accepted on a first come - first serve basis. However, participation will be limited to one registration per project proposal. Please remember that if we do not receive a project description from you by the deadline you will not be allowed to participate. Accepted participants will be contacted by email. We reserve the right to exclude participants whose project description  is clearly outside the scope of the description of Multimodal Interfaces described in section 2.5.7 of the Workprogramme. The participation is free of charge.

The email address for registrations and for submission of project descriptions (by 16/02/2005) is


Your registration should contain at least the following information:

  • name of organisation
  • name of attendee
  • contact details (email, telephone, address, web page)
  • keywords describing the business and area of interest
  • any relevant web links to previous work and publications