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Rachid Ait Yaiz receives KIVI NIRIA Telecommunications Award 2005

Dr. ir. Rachid Ait Yaiz, former Ph.D. student from DACS (Design and Analysis of Communication Systems), received the KIVI NIRIA Telecommunications Award 2005 for his Ph.D. research on "Intra-Piconet Scheduling in Bluetooth".

The prize is awarded yearly for the best Ph.D. research on telecommunications at the Dutch technical universities. In a ceremony on the 21st of April, Rachid was announced as winner by the jury, after presentations by the three nominated candidates. Congratulations Rachid!!

Promoters were:

  • prof.dr.ir. B.R. Haverkort (UT/DACS)
  • prof.dr.ir. I.G. Niemegeers (TU delft)
  • en dr.ir. G.J. Heijenk (UT/DACS)

Read more about the Telecommunications Award at: http://www.ingenieurs.net/eman/ShowEvent.phx?eid=eman.2188