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IST calls sceduled for 16-11-2004 and 17-5-2005

The new two-year work programme for the IST theme of FP6 has been approved. This opens the way for three new calls for proposals for research and development funding of more than 1.75 billion euros. Two of these calls for proposals, addressing the Strategic Objectives defined by the work programme, are scheduled for 16 November 2004 and 17 May 2005. They will have indicative budgets of 1,120 and 638 Million Euros respectively. In addition, the Commission will make an open call for research proposals addressing Future and Emerging technologies which are, in general, beyond the scope of the Strategic Objectives. 

The strategic objectives to be addressed in the call scheduled for 16 November 2004 are:

  • Nanoelectronics
  • Technologies and devices for micro/nano-scale integration
  • Towards a global dependability and security framework
  • Broadband for All
  • Mobile and Wireless Systems and Platforms Beyond 3G
  • Networked Audio Visual Systems and Home Platforms
  • Semantic-based Knowledge and Content Systems
  • Cognitive Systems
  • ICT Research for Innovative Government
  • Technology-enhanced Learning
  • Integrated biomedical information for better health
  • eSafety Co-operative Systems for Road Transport
  • Strengthening the Integration of the ICT research effort in an Enlarged Europe
  • Future Emerging Technologies - Proactive Initiative:
    • Advanced Computing Architectures
    • Presence and Interaction in Mixed Reality Environments
    • Situated and Autonomic Communications

The strategic objectives to be addressed in the call scheduled for 17 May 2005 are:

  • Photonic components
  • Micro/nano based sub-systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Advanced Grid Technologies, Systems and Services
  • Software and Services
  • Research networking testbeds
  • Multimodal Interfaces
  • ICT for Networked Businesses
  • Collaborative Working Environments
  • Access to and preservation of cultural and scientific resources
  • reInclusion
  • ICT for Environmental Risk Management
  • Future Emerging Technologies - Proactive Initiative: Simulating Emergent Properties in Complex Systems

The work programme, and the opportunities it presents, will be officially launched at the IST2004 Conference at The Hague from 15 to17 November. For more information visit http://europa.eu.int/information_society/istevent/