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Betty Collis receives 'leading international expert' award

The Educational Media and Technology Yearbook has recognised Betty Collis, professor at the University of Twente and Shell Professor of Networked Learning, as a leading international expert in educational communications and technology. She received this honour in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the development of e-learning and the application of computers and the Internet in education. Collis works for the Centre for Telematics and Information Technology (CTIT).

The next edition of the yearbook includes a ‘Tribute to Betty Collis’ written by Thomas C. Reeves, professor of Instructional Technology at the University of Georgia. According to Reeves, Collis explored the potential of using computers in teaching and learning in the early days of the PC.

4E model
The American professor highlights Collis’ 4E model, which describes four factors (i.e. environment, educational effectiveness, ease of use and personal engagement) to assess the value of computers in education.

Collis has been professor of Tele-learning at the University of Twente since 1997 and Shell Professor of Networked learning since 2000. She founded the TeleTOP electronic learning environment, which is currently part of all University of Twente degree courses and has been launched on the market for use by businesses and secondary education institutes. At Shell International Exploration and Production, she employs these types of learning environments for new models of e-learning to support a global company. As part of this, she researches such new concepts as blended learning, learning objects and technology-supported organisational learning.