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1 April 2004: EU meeting Mobile Systems beyond 3G, Broadband for All, and Networked Audiovisual Systems and Home Platforms.

The European Commission is organising in Brussels on April 1st, 2004 a workshop aiming at allowing a discussion and joint reflection on the R&D focus of the following Strategic Objectives for the time period 2005-2006:

  • Mobile Systems beyond 3G (SO in the current IST workprogramme)
  • Broadband for All (SO in the current IST workprogramme)
  • Networked Audiovisual Systems and Home Platforms (SO in the current IST workprogramme)

The draft agenda of the meeting is available at:

Prior to this meeting, a call for suggestions was made.  The contributions submitted so far in response to the call for suggestions, will soon be available on the site indicated above and will be made available as a report at the workshop. This ongoing process of which this Workshop will be an important element, will contribute to the shaping of the Workprogram 2005-2006, on the basis of which future Calls for proposals will be launched, that will provide continuity and complement the R&D actions recently launched as a result of the FP6 IST 1st Call.

Against this background and in the context “Networked Audiovisual Systems and Home Platforms”, I would like to invite you to contribute to this ongoing process by attending the workshop in Brussels. I you decide to join the workshop please register on line at the following site:

Due to the limited room capacity, first come first serve rule will be applied
There is no registration fee associated to this event. The participant is expected to bear his/her own travel and hotel expenditures.

For more information on the current EC supported activities on “Networked Audiovisual Systems and Home Platforms” please take a look to the area web page: http://www.cordis.lu/ist/directorate_d/audiovisual/index.htm , where you can also find a short summary of the projects currently implemented.


European Commission DG Information Society
IST (Information Society Technologies) program
Networked Audio-Visual Systems, Home Platforms for Rich Media Communication
mail: infso-audio-visual@cec.eu.int
site: http://www.cordis.lu/ist/directorate_d/audiovisual/index.htm