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ICT Kenniscongres

ICT Kenniscongres 2003 was a success with more than 1000 visitors.

September 4 and 5, a large number of CTIT colleques were visiting the 3rd ICT Kenniscongres and Kennismarkt in Den Haag. Apart from the scientific speeches presented by a number of CTIT researchers, at the CTIT booths several project demo’s were presented such as 'News Retrieval via Speech Recognition', MobiHealth, EYES, 'Mission Impossible Twente' (Robot Soccer), VR-in-Medicine, 'Multimedia over Mobile Networks', and 'Web Architectures for Services Platforms'.

Pictures of the CTIT booth at the ICT Kenniscongres 2003 are available at the CTIT website. You can visit http://www.ictkenniscongres.nl for pictures of the ICT Kenniscongres 2003 in general.

Impression of the CTIT booth at the ICT Kenniscongres 2002

Impression of the CTIT booth at the ICT Kenniscongres 2003  

The next comparable event will be the international 'IST Conference 2004' in Den Haag organised by the European Union. In cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Telematics Institute, Philips and TNO, CTIT will organize the 'Dutch Pavilion' (size of approx. 800 m2).