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Invitation for the Dies Natalis d.d. 28-11-2003

Information- and communication technology is gaining more and more ground in our daily lives. The traditional computer, a ‘grey box’ with a monitor and a keyboard, is increasingly replaced by ‘smart surroundings’ that interact with the user naturally. Invisible ICT in your car, your living room, your clothes. ICT monitoring your health.

This new step, to natural interfaces and an intelligent environment, offers opportunities for the Netherlands, in technology and applications. This does require businesses, knowledge institutes and government, as innovation partners to strive for a common goal. Everyone from his own strength

The anniversary celebration will take place in the Lecture Halls on campus of the University of Twente on Friday 28 November 2003.

  • 15.00 hr: Reception in the central hall; coffee/tea
  • 15.30 hr: Arrival cortège (procession of professors)
  • 15.35 hr: Word of welcome by prof.dr. Frans A. van Vught, Rector Magnificus University of Twente
  • 15.45 hr: Anniversary speech, entitled ‘Being Smart in Smart Surroundings’ 
    by prof.dr.Peter M.G. Apers, scientific director CTIT, University of Twente
  • 16.25 hr: Presentation of the Van den Kroonenbergprize by Frank H. Schreve, Chairperson of the University Fund Foundation Twente
    Presentation of the Marina van Damme-prize by ir. Annemarie van der Rest, Chairperson of the Adjucation Committee
  • 16.55 hr: Closure of the academic ceremony by the Rector Magnificus
  • 17.00 hr: Reception in the central hall of the Lecture Halls where the Rector Magnificus, the Anniversary Speaker and recipients of the prizes will be receiving.

If you would like to accept this invitation, please visit aanmeldingsformulier (in Dutch).