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NWO VENI grant for Asker Bazen - Passport on a fingertip

The NWO VENI grant (200 kEuro) for CTIT researcher Dr. Asker Bazen "Towards Robust Fingerprint Recognition".


Passport on a fingertip (‘Paspoort op een vingertop’, Volkskrant, 14-9-2002)

Growing interest in security matters is giving fingerprint recognition research a boost. The thesis of Bazen presents an overview of state-of-the-art fingerprint recognition technology for identification and verification purposes. The author has identified three principal challenges in fingerprint recognition: extracting robust features from low-quality fingerprints, matching elastically deformed fingerprints and efficiently searching through a fingerprint database. In this thesis, he proposes a number of algorithms that increase the recognition performance, including new algorithms for feature extraction, and an algorithm that explicitly compensates for non-linear deformations in the fingerprint images. The author also presents an indexing method that reduces the processing time and error rates for fingerprint searches involving large databases. Application of these algorithms in fingerprint recognition systems will promote a more widespread use of fingerprint recognition in commercial applications.