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30 Aug 2016 - Knowledge and Innovation Mapping (KIEM) for KIA ICT and Advanced Instrumentation For CTIT-ers: The governing board of NWO Physical Sciences wants to support the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda ICT(KIA ICT) and the HTSM Roadmap Advanced Instrumentation with a programme specifically designed for public-private partnerships. This call for proposals encourages collaborations among knowledge institutions and innovative companies to achieve innovation in the field of ICT or Advanced Instrumentation for Astronomy. 15 Aug 2016 - Exchange and inspiration at eNTERFACE in the DesignLab From Malaysia to Los Angeles and from New Zealand to Sweden: about 75 researchers and students from all over the world made the University of Twente's DesignLab their home for the last month, as they put their minds to some promising projects in the field of human media interaction. The University of Twente hosted this year's edition of eNTERFACE, an international network project in which researchers lock themselves up for a month to work on innovative breakthroughs. 28 Jul 2016 - 4th National e-Science Symposium On October 13th, 2016, the 4th National e-Science Symposium will be organised: "Science in a Digital World". 28 Jul 2016 - Pre-announcement Commit2Data Call At the end of September, a new call will be opened for Commit2Data. This call stimulates the cooperation between knowledge institutes and innovative companies for innovation within the ICT area, especially the areas data handling and data analytics. Theme is data science for changing data (information in Dutch). 28 Jun 2016 - Internet attacks: find that effective one The brute force and sheer scale of current Internet attacks put a heavy strain on classic methods of intrusion detection. Moreover, these methods aren’t prepared for the rapidly growing number of connected devices: scalability is a major issue. PhD researcher Rick Hofstede, of the University of Twente’s CTIT institute, proposes another way of monitoring internet traffic, thus tracing those attacks that actually have an effect and not all the others. The open source software he developed, is already being tested and used by several organizations in the world. Hofstede defends his PhD thesis on June 29. 27 Jun 2016 - Call for ERC Advanced Grants open If, as an established leading principal investigator, you are interested in the opportunity for long-term funding, the ERC is here to help. ERC Advanced Grants are designed to allow outstanding research leaders of any nationality and any age to pursue ground-breaking, high-risk projects in Europe. 27 Jun 2016 - New in the FET Open CSA call: the FET Innovation Launchpad The Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Open call for Coordination and Support Actions (CSA) includes a new topic under the Horizon 2020 WP2016-17: the Innovation Launchpad. What is it for and how can you participate in this call? 27 Jun 2016 - ICT Proposers' Day On September 26-27, 2016, the ICT Proposers' Day will be organised in Bratislava, Slovakia. The ICT Proposers day is a unique networking opportunity to build partnerships and projects targeting the new FET Open, HPC and e-infrastructure calls.