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21 Feb 2014 - Robot from Twente opens AEX stock exchange by sounding gong A robot has officially opened the AEX stock exchange in Amsterdam for the first time in its history. On Monday, 24 February, a robot from the University of Twente (UT) sounded the gong, opening the largest stock exchange in the Netherlands. The sounding of the gong by the robotic arm was to symbolize the cooperation between Shell and the UT in the PETROBOT project. In the long term, the intention is for robots to replace people in the inspection of pressure vessels and storage tanks in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. Prof Stefano Stramigioli of the UT is a scientific adviser for the project, along with his Swiss counterpart, Prof Roland Siegward. Gerald Schotman, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Innovation and R&D, was at the opening ceremony to represent Shell.
7 Feb 2014 - UT spin-off SecurityMatters new supplier for Boeing Aircraft manufacturer Boeing has shown an interest in the monitoring and security system of the UT spin-off company SecurityMatters. Six years after founding the company, they have landed an important client with this deal. The security system is called SilentDefense ICS and is deployed by Boeing Information Solutions, a sister company of The Boeing Company. 4 Feb 2014 - Coach app gets lung patients moving Encouraging physical activity is an essential objective in treating COPD (chronic lung disease), but current treatment methods do not manage to effectively improve patients' daily activity behaviour. This is because on the one hand, carers have too little awareness of the actual physical activity in patients' daily life and, on the other hand, there are no intensive treatments that continually help patients to become more active. The results of the University of Twente doctoral degree candidate, Monique Tabak, who is also a researcher with Roessingh Research and Development, show that awareness of an individual patient's pattern of activity and a smart activity coach on a smartphone make a positive contribution to improving the daily activity behaviour of COPD patients. 27 Jan 2014 - Peter-Paul Verbeek receives a 'VICI' Grant worth 1.5 million euro Philosopher of technology prof. Peter-Paul Verbeek of the University of Twente (institute CTIT) is to receive a Vici-grant valued at 1.5 million euro from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). He wants to develop a new theory for understanding the interconnectedness of human beings and technology: ‘technological mediation’. “This will be a wonderful convergence of the outlines of my past research.” 21 Jan 2014 - UT strengthens position in forensic research In the past few years, the interest in biometric techniques has increased exponentially. Biometrics is an important field of study in forensic science. Distinguishing human characteristics such as fingerprints, facial features, speech and DNA are used in the investigation and solving of serious crimes, among other things. The UT is the only academic institution in the Netherlands that conducts structural research into forensic biometrics. For the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI), the University of Twente is the connection to the academic world in this field. This collaboration is strengthened and expanded upon with the appointment of Didier Meuwly, NFI principal scientist, as Professor of Forensic Biometrics. 8 Jan 2014 - Kinderen online niet speels benaderen (no English version available) For the full text see the English version.  23 Dec 2013 - Five Valorisation Grants for entrepreneurial scientists at the UT Five entrepreneurial scientists at the University of Twente receive a Valorisation Grant from the STW Technology Foundation. Just Herder, Wim Korevaar, Frieder Mugele and Stefano Stramigioli (together with Harry Hoeijmakers) receive a phase 2 Grant of, at the most, 200,000 euro. Marcel Karperien receives a phase 1 Grant worth 25,000 euro. These subsidies are intended to promote the commercialisation of knowledge resulting from university research. During this round, the STW granted a total of fifteen phase 1 and seven phase 2 Valorisation Grants. 18 Dec 2013 - Philosophy Group University of Twente reassessed as excellent The University of Twente's Philosophy department once again ranks among the nation's best. Thus concludes the recently published site visit report by the QANU quality assurance agency. Last year, the quality of a large number of Dutch philosophy research departments was assessed by an independent agency. Scoring 18 out of a possible 20 points, the University of Twente ranked second out of all eighteen programmes assessed, ranking first among the practical philosophy research programmes.