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11 Apr 2014 - Interview with Vanessa Evers on her robots #PenWextra: Vanessa Evers over haar robots (Source: VARA, Pauw en Witteman, April 3, 2014; in Dutch) 11 Apr 2014 - Vanessa Evers on Dutch TV in "Pauw en Witteman", April 3, 2014 Prof. Vanessa Evers (EWI/HMI) has been on Dutch television in the programme of "Pauw en Witteman" and talked about the social aspects of robots (Source: VARA, Pauw en Witteman, April 3, 2014 - in Dutch; item starting from 36.26 min.) 8 Apr 2014 - European approach for ethical assessment of research and innovation Recently, the Trippenhuis of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences was the scene for the kick-off of the SATORI project. With a € 4.7 million budget (financed by the EU) and a four-year term, the SATORI consortium - made up of seventeen partners from thirteen countries - hopes to improve and, where possible, standardize the ethical assessment practices in European member states within the fields of research and innovation. UT Professor Philip Brey, coordinator of the international project, says: "It would be great if we could develop some sort of European standard for the ethical assessment of research and innovation. In the modern day and age, this becomes increasingly important as societal consequences for human rights, the environment, justice, well-being and privacy can be considerable." 3 Apr 2014 - Meet the Campus Robot at the Hannover Messe Researchers of the University of Twente have developed a unique, autonomous tour-guide robot as part of the project Fun Robotics Outdoor Guide (FROG):the campus robot. This robot is capable of exploring the environment and independently guiding groups of people around cultural places. At the same time he monitors the behaviour of his audience and adapts accordingly. This type of tour-guide robot is unique in the world. 2 Apr 2014 - Mark Timmer wins IPA dissertation prize Dr. ir. Mark Timmer is the winner of the IPA Dissertation Award for the best IPA dissertation of 2013.  28 Mar 2014 - EIT ICT Labs Call For Proposals 2015 now open! EIT ICT Labs Call for Proposals 2015 now open.
The submission deadline is May 16, 2014, at 6pm CET.
27 Mar 2014 - English sinks in better with pop music Recent research from the University of Twente shows that studying the English language is easier for pupils when pop music is being used. In addition, the pupils are more motivated as a result. The Groove.me teaching method was examined for this purpose. Groove.me is the first global teaching method that enables children to learn English with pop music. 19 Mar 2014 - University of Twente Tool Makes Scanning the Internet for Illegal Images Possible Researchers at the University of Twente have developed a system that makes it possible to scan traffic on the Internet for illegal photographs. The system can, for example, help trace child pornography on the Internet without infringing on the privacy of Internet users. Internet service providers could use the tool to keep their network 'clean'.