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1 Sep 2014 - DesignLab University of Twente turns design process 'topsy turvy' Unsuspected combinations, guts and 'team science': those are the three most important characteristics of the new DesignLab that the University of Twente will open on 1 September in the presence of Minister Jet Bussemaker of Education, Culture and Science. DesignLab connects experts from the fields of biomedical technology, nanotechnology and ICT to industrial designers and colleagues from the social sciences and public and business administration as soon as possible. Encouraging these meetings may help in more quickly finding solutions for social issues. Moreover, this also makes DesignLab a new type of discussion partner for the business sector. The opening takes place during the Opening of the Academic Year where artist/designer Daan Roosegaarde will also take the stage. 28 Aug 2014 - 8 September 2014: NWO/RVO Matchmaking Event on Call Systems Integration On September 8, 2014, a Matchmaking Event will be organised on the NWO/RVO Call Systems Integration, topsector Energy. The Call, with deadline on October 21, 2014, is on: 28 Aug 2014 - Call for Proposals NWO Vidi The Call for Proposals NWO Vidi recently has been opened (information in Dutch) 28 Aug 2014 - New prototype lab for Robotics In the Carré-building a new lab will be created, where researchers can print parts of robots from 3-D printers. The research group of professor Stefano Stramigioli is now able to test robots more efficiently in practice (article in Dutch). 28 Aug 2014 - Durham Fellowship for Val Jones (EEMCS/Telemedicine group) Dr Val Jones of the Telemedicine Group, Biomedical Signals and Systems, University of Twente, has been awarded a 3-month Research Fellowship by Durham University’s Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) worth something over 13000 euros. 28 Aug 2014 - Veni grant for Arnoud den Boer Arnoud den Boer (EEMCS/SOR) recently acquired a Veni grant from NWO. His research concentrates on the understanding of human choices and how to influence them. 22 Aug 2014 - € 4.2 million to program supercomputers-on-a-chip Supercomputers-on-a-chip, also known as high-performance embedded systems, are the answer to the quest for higher performance and lower energy consumption using ever smaller chips. Unfortunately, these systems are extremely difficult to program.As part of a European FP7 project, researchers at the University of Twente want to develop new programming methods that make it easier to invest the chips used in devices such as mobile phones with the capabilities of a supercomputer. In collaboration with seven partners, including Dutch firm Recore Systems, they have succeeded in landing a European-Commission-funded project with a total budget of €4.2 million.This international research project goes by the name of Programming Large Scale Heterogeneous Infrastructure, POLCA for short. 19 Aug 2014 - Philosopher of Technology Peter-Paul Verbeek at Lowlands Are We Human After All? Peter-Paul Verbeek asked this question to himself and the audience on 16 August in the Titty Twïster at Lowlands. Just before noon, a massive queue of people had formed for a half hour of philosophy in one of the most striking venues at the Lowlands music festival: the Titty Twïster tent.