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30 Sep 2014 - Three best paper awards for Pervasive Systems Phd students in three weeks! In the last three weeks the Pervasive Systems group (EWI/PS) achieved a remarkable record: three (!) papers received the best paper award at three different conferences! 30 Sep 2014 - Maarten van Steen appointed new Scientific Director of the UT's CTIT Institute The University of Twente’s CTIT research institute has a new Scientific Director: Professor Maarten van Steen. From 1 January 2015, Van Steen will stand at the head of one of the largest academic IT research institutes in Europe. The Executive Board has appointed him to this prestigious post for a period of five years. Van Steen is currently professor and director of the Department of Computer Science at VU University Amsterdam. He succeeds Professor Jaco van de Pol, who has done an outstanding job as interim director since January 2014. This enables Professor Van de Pol to once again devote his full attention to the Formal Methods and Tools research group and to his chair of the Computer Science department within the EEMCS Faculty. 23 Sep 2014 - University of Twente tour-guide robot shows tourists around Spanish Royal Palace From Wednesday, 24 September, FROG (Fun Outdoor Robotic Guide), the tour-guide robot developed at, amongst others, the University of Twente, will guide visitors in and around the Royal Palace of Seville in Spain. The FROG is a unique, autonomous tour-guide robot capable of exploring its surroundings and independently guiding groups of people around cultural sites. At the same time, it monitors the behaviour of its audience and adapts accordingly. During the past three years, Twente (HMI research group) has worked intensively on the development of the robot, with the focus being on the interaction with people.
22 Sep 2014 - Workshop on Verification of Critical Software Systems Between 24 and 26 September, the University of Twente will act as host to the International Workshop on Automated Verification of Critical Systems. This event will explore the latest developments in the field of verification of critical software systems. 19 Sep 2014 - Video: Social Robotics Professor Vanessa Evers visits Japan Japan is the home of robots. Because of population ageing, the country is investing billions of yen in robotics as a solution for the impending shortage of staff. As a result, more and more robots can be seen in public. Research in Japan already focuses on the relationship between man and robot. 11 Sep 2014 - 1.2 million euros for UT research into sustainable logistics Researchers of the University of Twente have managed to secure two Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) grants worth over 1.2 million in total for research into sustainable logistics. The grants will go to the multidisciplinary research projects SINTAS and Dynafloat, in which not only researchers from the School of Management and Governance, the Faculty of Engineering Technology and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science are involved, but also several companies. 4 Sep 2014 - Transition: 'Man and car must learn to cooperate' From a technological perspective, the step to fully driverless cars is relatively small. Since it is impossible to introduce fully self driving cars from one day to the next, the transition will however have to be slow and cars will gradually take over more and more tasks from the driver. According to professor Marieke Martens, who conducts research on how people deal with new vehicle technology, this is an exciting transition. No matter how high the quality of the system's design system, the way in which man handles it makes or breakes its effectiveness. Man and car must learn to cooperate. On 11 September, Martens will deliver her inaugural lecture at the University of Twente. 2 Sep 2014 - Horizon 2020: Stakeholders Consultation Workshop - Network Technologies Work Programme 2016-2017 From 29/09/2014 - 02:00 to 30/09/2014 - 02:00, a Stakeholders Consultation Workshop - Network Technologies Work Programme 2016-2017 (Horizon 2020) will be organised. Registration before September 22, 2014.