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19 Feb 2015 - University of Twente receives European research grants of more than 13 million euros The University of Twente is doing well at attracting European research funding. Twenty-five research projects submitted by UT researchers within the EU's Horizon 2020 programme have been accepted. A total of more than 13 million euros has now been awarded. The UT has thus scored well above the European average. Rolf Vermeij, who assists UT researchers with the acquisition of European funds, expects that a total of more than 15 million euros will be awarded this round of the Horizon 2020 programme. 19 Feb 2015 - Telephone channel remains important for municipalities A study by the University of Twente CTIT research institute commissioned by the Dutch Municipalities Quality Institute (KING) shows that the telephone channel is one of the main channels for contact with the municipality. 11 Feb 2015 - Twente robotics team to compete with the best in Europe A team of Twente robotics experts is the only remaining Dutch participant in the largest robotics competition in Europe. This EuRoC (European Robotics Challenge) revolves around the transfer of fundamental knowledge about robotics to practical applications in industry. Under the banner of LEO, Center for Service Robotics, the team is developing autonomous, flying drones that inspect wind turbine components. 10 Feb 2015 - Stefano Stramigioli in University of the Netherlands Daily this week, professor Stefano Stramigioli (EWI/RAM) will keep lectures in the 'University of the Netherlands', a Dutch TV programme and internet lectures. His lectures on Robotics were recorded in December 2014, in Club Air Amsterdam. At the 'University of the Netherlands' the best professors of the country will give a daily lecture on the internet. From 9 February on, the lectures of Stefano Stramigioli can be seen on www.universiteitvannederland.nl, YouTube, Volkskrant), and on TV at the NTR, AT5 and the Ziggo-channel. 6 Feb 2015 - Large EU ICT Call Currently, a large Horizon 2020 ICT Call is open with topics as: Big Data, Low Power Computing, Robotics, Internet of Things and Platforms for Connected Smart Objects, Technologies for Creative Industries, Social Media and Convergence, etc. 6 Feb 2015 - UT research: traffic management not effective enough Research by the University of Twente has shown that many road users do not choose the shortest or fastest route. In some situations, this applies to no less than 75% of road users. There are several reasons for this, including force of habit, no need because the old choice is satisfactory, a too small perceptible gain in travel time, or not constantly wanting or able to keep track of all changes. To improve the control of traffic, the existing traffic management systems can be used more effectively, concludes UT doctoral degree candidate Jaap Vreeswijk. Acceptance by road users can be increased considerably if we can improve our understanding of this human choice behaviour.
3 Feb 2015 - NADINE project in the News The NADINE project, in which CTIT researcher Nelly Litvak (EEMCS/SOR) participates, has received special attention in the Newsletter 'Digital Agenda for Europe' (2 February 2015) of the European Commission. 2 Feb 2015 - SCS group together with Innovalor one of the winners of the SBIR Cyber Security, Phase 2 program The SCS (Services, Cyber Security and Safety) group together with Innovalor is one of the winners of the SBIR Cyber Security II, Phase 2 program (Small Business Innovation Research; information in Dutch). There were 74 submissions in total. Criteria were: impact on digital safety in the Netherlands, entrepreneurship, and economic perspective. Also, of course, entrepreneurial risk and quality were part of the assessment. The total budget amounts to € 200.000.