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20 Mar 2015 - NEW: Mobile app for identity verification InnoValor is a company that is cooperating with the University of Twente to develop multi-use mobile techniques for identity verification by means of an app, for example. An app like this would help the business community and the government to quickly establish the identity of consumers, employees and members of the public. One of those involved in this work is University of Twente researcher Luuk Spreeuwers, whose research focuses on biometric aspects, in this case face recognition. The biggest challenge he faces is the variability of the images recorded by mobile phones. The app’s physical identity verification is cost effective and user-friendly. It is also more reliable than identity verification without equipment. 10 Mar 2015 - HMI researchers test interactive playground Robbie van Delden and Alejandro Moreno, PhD-students at the research group Human Media Interaction, are testing their socially adaptive interactive playground  in the TETEM Kunstruimte in Enschede. It is part of an art exhibition, that has recently opened (information in Dutch) 10 Mar 2015 - Introducing STARTIFY7: summer academy During 2015 and 2016 STARTIFY7, a new H2020 project, will organise 7 thematically-focused summer academies for young future ICT entrepreneurs.
9 Mar 2015 - For CTIT Members only: Information on Horizon 2020, period 2016-2017, on CTIT's intranet You can find some information on new research programs (drafts 2016-2017) under HORIZON 2020 on CTITs intranet.   3 Mar 2015 - First RoboCafé in The Gallery Developments in robotics are taking place in rapid succession, particularly in the eastern Netherlands. The first RoboCafé, being held is to increase cohesion among the robotics community in the eastern Netherlands, will take place on the campus of the University of Twente on Thursday 5 March.
24 Feb 2015 - EIT.ICT Labs: Pre-Call Workshops To support the EIT ICT Labs Call 2016 process, the Innovation Action Lines organised, or are organising pre-call workshops around the Co-location Centres. Here you find an overview of the EIT ICT Labs pre-call 2016 workshops to date.  23 Feb 2015 - Neelie Kroes to give University of Twente Innovation Lecture With 800 successful spin-off companies to its name, the University of Twente (UT) leads Europe in terms of start-ups. Neelie Kroes, the recently appointed government ambassador for start-ups in the Netherlands, will make a special appearance at the university on 2 June 2015. The former EU Commissioner will take a closer look at start-up developments in Enschede with a view to establishing links with other high-tech hubs in the Netherlands. Dr Kroes is determined to make the Netherlands one of Europe’s top 3 start-up hubs and is hard at work putting the country firmly on the map as a StartupDelta. On 2 June 2015, she will share her experience, expertise and ambition as the keynote speaker at the University of Twente’s annual Innovation Lecture. 23 Feb 2015 - AAL Call expected soon The next AAL (=Ambient Assistant Living) Call: ”Living active and independently at home. The contribution of ICT/technologies to integrated solutions for supporting active and independent living of older adults in their homes” will most probably be opened on February 27, 2015. Also the budgets of the participating countries, that contribute to the program, will be announced, as well as the eligibility criteria (information in Dutch).