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8 Jul 2015 - Young eScience Award Win 50.000 Euro for e-Science Expertise for your research! 8 Jul 2015 - Call for Proposals NWO Vici The Call for Proposals NWO-Vici is open! 8 Jul 2015 - Call for Proposals NWO Onderzoekstalent (Humanities and Social Sciences) Currently, there is a Call for Proposals for the "NWO Onderzoekstalent-programme" (information in Dutch), area: Humanities and Social Sciences. 7 Jul 2015 - Dutch people not in favour of humanoid robots Most Dutch people feel that the ideal social robot should not resemble a human being too much, as is the case with robots currently being produced in Japan. People do expect a robot to have certain human traits, but the distinction between human and robot must remain clear. Moreover, a social robot with an overly human appearance creates an unrealistic sense of expectation, according to Maartje de Graaf, who recently earned her PhD from the University of Twente based on research into this topic. Not surprisingly, De Graaf also found that people are especially keen to welcome a butler robot into the domestic environment. 3 Jul 2015 - Pervasive Systems group (EEMCS) successful in STW-KIEM programme The Pervasive Systems group (EEMCS) has acquired two projects in the STW-KIEM programme: 'Smart Metering or Roads' and 'Smart and Robust Monitoring System for Bridges'. We congratulate them with this success! Please find here some more information (in Dutch). 26 Jun 2015 - Best Paper Award for Wouter de Vries (DACS) at AIMS 2015 Wouter de Vries has been awarded the Best Paper Award at the 9th International Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security (AIMS 2015), which was held in Gent, June 22-25, 2015. 26 Jun 2015 - Franciska de Jong new executive director at CLARIN ERIC As of September 2015, Prof. dr. Franciska de Jong has been appointed Executive Director of CLARIN ERIC, the governing body of CLARIN, which has its statutory seat at Utrecht University. CLARIN is the Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure for the humanities and social sciences in Europe. The main objective of CLARIN is to provide scholars in the humanities and social sciences seamless access to digital language data and processing tools all across Europe. 25 Jun 2015 - Autonomous Robird is one step closer With the assistance of the European Space Agency ESA, robotics researchers at the University of Twente have taken an essential step toward the Robird's completely autonomous flight. This lifelike, robotic peregrine falcon from spin-off company Clear Flight Solutions will be used to chase away birds at airports and waste-processing sites. The Robird is now operated manually, but must ultimately be able to fly and dispel birds autonomously.