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11 Sep 2015 - Next H2020 ICT Call expected to be opened in December 2015 The Next H2020 ICT Call is expected to be launched in December 2015. Most probable topics are: 9 Sep 2015 - UT talents exhibit at GOGBOT 60 creative talents in the Creative Technology major at the University of Twente will present their installations at GOGBOT (10 - 13 September) in Enschede. The multimedia festival, this year with the theme of "The Internet of Things", combines art and technology and forms a huge open-air amusement park. The students combine user interaction and groundbreaking technology and design in a special UT Innovation Pavilion at the Oude Markt. 
25 Aug 2015 - TE group very succesful at IEEE EMC 2015 During the IEEE EMC Conference in Dresden the Telecommunication Engineering group of CTIT had an excellent award ceremony. Two prizes were available, Best Student Paper Award and Best Symposium Paper Award. 5 Aug 2015 - Horizon 2020: ICT Work Programme 2016-2017 (DRAFT 13-7-2015) Only for UT-members available on the CTIT Intranet: Horizon 2020: ICT Work Programme 2016-2017 (DRAFT 13-7-2015)  5 Aug 2015 - Darknet training shines light on underground criminal activities Identifying the methods and strategies used by organized crime networks and individuals to avoid detection on the Darknet was the focus of a specialized training course hosted by the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation. Prof. dr. Pieter Hartel, who is a lecturer in Cyber Security and Crime Science at the University of Twente, co-developed the course with INTERPOL and TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research. 3 Aug 2015 - Substantial NRO grant for Department of Instructional Technology Ard Lazonder, adjunct professor at the Department of Instructional Technology, has received a 700,000 euros grant for a three-year research project on ‘learning for the future’. The grant has been awarded by the Netherlands Initiative for Educational Research (NRO), which is part of the Dutch Science Foundation NWO.  27 Jul 2015 - Veni grant for four young UT students The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded a Veni grant to four recently graduated UT researchers. Thanks to funding of 250,000 euros, Bas Borsje, Julia Mikhal, Aimee Robbins-van Wynsberghe and Jeroen Leijten are able to start innovative research. 21 Jul 2015 - New project within the 'NWO Human Capital: 21st century skills' programme Prof. dr. Ton de Jong (faculty BMS) acquired a new project within the 'NWO Human Capital: 21st century skills' programme: 21st century skills for vocational technical students; a high-tech approach. The 'NWO Human Capital: 21st century skills' programme is part of the Top sector Creative Industry & Social Infrastructure Agenda.