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12 Oct 2015 - New cycle STW Perspective Programme Annually, the Dutch Technology organization STW provides budgets for innovative and challenging research programmes within the technical and application-oriented sciences: the Perspective programme (information in Dutch). Currently, the call for programme proposals is open. In this cycle, the budget will be about 15 M-€. Programmes should fit within the Dutch Topsectors. Deadline is 3 November 2015. 12 Oct 2015 - Public transport partial and expensive solution to climate problems Investments in public transport are a relatively expensive way to make transportation more sustainable. Focusing on electric transport, teleworking or building in the vicinity of train stations is much more effective. Increasing frequencies is a more efficient investment in public transport than constructing more Park and Rides. This becomes apparent from research performed by Ties Brands of Goudappel Coffeng, for the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. He hopes to obtain his doctoral degree at the University of Twente on 15 October.  8 Oct 2015 - UT introduces MOOC in Supply Chain Innovation On 11 January 2016 the University of Twente will launch the online course Supply Chain Innovation. As part of this free course, participants from all over the world will learn how they can improve the chain they are working in with relatively easy means, as well as make it more sustainable. Key themes of the course are today’s supply chain practice, the latest academic knowledge and relevant innovations from the field of ICT. Innovating supply chains requires out-of-the-box thinking. The boundaries between disciplines, departments, companies and countries need to be overcome in order to improve the chain. The course therefore focuses on professionals and students who want to look beyond disciplines such as production, distribution, marketing and finance. Participants of the MOOC gain insight into the network of activities from production to customer. This supply chain perspective is where the most opportunities for innovation can be found. 6 Oct 2015 - Future & Emerging Technologies (FET and FET Flagships) at the ICT 2015 Event, Lisbon 6 Oct 2015 - Draft FET H2020 work programme 2016-2017 published The draft version of the FET Horizon 2020 work programme for 2016-2017 is being made public just before its adoption process to provide potential participants with its currently expected main lines. This document is not yet endorsed by the Commission and does not in any way prejudge the final decision of the Commission. Other draft H2020 work programmes are also available. 

1 Oct 2015 - PhD opportunities and innovation vouchers for industry The knowledge-intensive industrial sector and the University of Twente are joining forces in the coming years to create 100 extra positions for PhD research. The first twelve PhD positions have recently been awarded to four companies: Océ Nederland, Aquaporin, Emulate and TPRC. In addition, UT is making 20 innovation vouchers available to SMEs this year, each with a value of €10,000. 1 Oct 2015 - Dirk Heylen President of the Association for the Advancement of Affective Computing At the biannual conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII) Prof. Dirk Heylen became President of the International Association for the Advancement of Affective Computing (AAAC). The object of the Association is to advance the education of the public in general and particularly amongst specialists in the field on the subject of affective computing and to promote research for the public benefit in all aspects. 29 Sep 2015 - Raymond Veldhuis about biotmetric life on radio OBA Listen to Raymond Veldhuis at OBA live (in dutch):http://obalive.nl/default.aspx?lIntEntityId=2681