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12 Nov 2015 - Nedap University founded and started with exclusive software development course Following a tough selection process, the first class of students at Nedap University started a software development course this week. 12 Nov 2015 - First 3TU Workshop on Cyber Security Research in The Netherlands On November 26, 2015, the "First 3TU Workshop on Cyber Security Research in The Netherlands" will be held, organised by 3TU.NIRICT. The aim of the workshop is to create a cyber security research community that shares ideas, experiences and information on several aspects of cyber security. Both researchers and practitioners working within the field of cyber security are cordially invited to join! Participation is free of charge.  10 Nov 2015 - Important issues when preparing a project proposal under H2020 (only available on our intranet) Currently, European universities are facing a decrease in approved projects within H2020. In general, this is not caused by the quality of the proposals, which is usually sound, but by different criteria (compared to previous framework programs) in the evaluation phase. When preparing a proposal, one should be clearly aware of that. Please find here an overview of issues we learned from several meetings of DG CONNECT (only available on our intranet). 10 Nov 2015 - A guide to ICT-related activities in WP2016-17 (CTIT intranet) Recently, a publication of the European Commission appeared: "A guide to ICT-related activities in WP2016-17 / ICT in Horizon 2020 - an overview". This guide is designed to help potential proposers find ICT-related topics across the different parts of H2020 in work programme 2016-17. It is available on the CTIT-intranet. 9 Nov 2015 - FIRE Forum 2015: European Experimental Infrastructure Driving Innovation, December 9, 2015 Are you an innovative player in the European Future Internet arena? Do you want to discover how the FIRE initiative can help boost your R&D efforts, discover novel networking approaches, reduce time to market and create broader innovation/commercial impact for your products and services? 9 Nov 2015 - Reliable wireless system prevents break-downs in machinery caused by vibrations By making a thorough analysis of vibrations in machines, it is possible to ascertain their mechanical condition. The recently completed European EU-FP7 research project makes it possible to interpret vibrations in industrial machinery better. Kallol Das, a PhD researcher at the University of Twente, is involved in this project and has developed a reliable wireless sensor network that can predict mechanical breakdowns. Das was awarded his PhD on this subject on Friday 6 November, and a symposium was held before the defence ceremony.

Machines with rotating parts will always vibrate and are constantly in movement. A small number of research groups around the world are investigating these vibrations, including the Pervasive Systems group at the University of Twente’s CTIT Institute. If the vibration of a machine is kept under control (you can see on a monitor that the graphic representation is constant), variations in the peaks are a warning that mechanical failure is imminent. Kallol Das monitors these vibrations using wireless networks.
6 Nov 2015 - ERC 2016 grant competition for mid-career researchers opens!!! The ERC has today opened the next competition for its Consolidator Grants. More than €600 million is earmarked for an estimated 335 grants. 6 Nov 2015 - ERC Work Programme 2016 In case you are interested to know more about the ERC Calls of 2016, please find here the ERC Work Programme for 2016 (CTIT intranet, for internal use only).