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9 Nov 2015 - FIRE Forum 2015: European Experimental Infrastructure Driving Innovation, December 9, 2015 Are you an innovative player in the European Future Internet arena? Do you want to discover how the FIRE initiative can help boost your R&D efforts, discover novel networking approaches, reduce time to market and create broader innovation/commercial impact for your products and services? 9 Nov 2015 - Reliable wireless system prevents break-downs in machinery caused by vibrations By making a thorough analysis of vibrations in machines, it is possible to ascertain their mechanical condition. The recently completed European EU-FP7 research project makes it possible to interpret vibrations in industrial machinery better. Kallol Das, a PhD researcher at the University of Twente, is involved in this project and has developed a reliable wireless sensor network that can predict mechanical breakdowns. Das was awarded his PhD on this subject on Friday 6 November, and a symposium was held before the defence ceremony.

Machines with rotating parts will always vibrate and are constantly in movement. A small number of research groups around the world are investigating these vibrations, including the Pervasive Systems group at the University of Twente’s CTIT Institute. If the vibration of a machine is kept under control (you can see on a monitor that the graphic representation is constant), variations in the peaks are a warning that mechanical failure is imminent. Kallol Das monitors these vibrations using wireless networks.
6 Nov 2015 - ERC 2016 grant competition for mid-career researchers opens!!! The ERC has today opened the next competition for its Consolidator Grants. More than €600 million is earmarked for an estimated 335 grants. 6 Nov 2015 - ERC Work Programme 2016 In case you are interested to know more about the ERC Calls of 2016, please find here the ERC Work Programme for 2016 (CTIT intranet, for internal use only).  3 Nov 2015 - New CHIST-ERA-net Calls NWO is involved in CHIST-ERA-net. Currently, two calls have been opened:  29 Oct 2015 - 1,2 M-euro for the Creative Industry programme, Thematic research NWO has allocated 1,2 M-€ for two projects within the Creative Industry programme, on the edge of ICT and humanities. One project concerns the development of search engine technology for scientific databases (UT is not involved), the other project 'Making Sense of Illustrated Handwritten Archives' searches digitised archives through artificial intelligence. UT is a partner in this project (information in Dutch). 28 Oct 2015 - Dutch tax authorities choose University of Twente to monitor phasing out of ‘blue envelope’ Dutch Finance Minister Eric Wiebes wants the Dutch tax authorities (Belastingdienst) to move to exclusively digital correspondence. The tax authorities are therefore looking for assistance to ensure that the introduction of digital correspondence with citizens runs smoothly. The University of Twente and the tax authorities have signed a cooperation agreement on monitoring the introduction of electronic messaging. 27 Oct 2015 - Big Data Information and Networking Days, 14-15 January 2016, Brussels The H2020 - Big Data Information and Networking Days will be organised on 14-15 January 2016 in Brussels.