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30 Nov 2015 - Professor de Winter Award for Anna Sperotto (EEMCS/DACS) During the Dies Natalis of the University of Twente on November 27, 2015, the Professor de Winter Award for excellent scientific research of female toptalent was granted to Dr. Anna Sperotto (Assistant Professor EEMCS/DACS). It is intended for encouraging further development of a scientific career. Her research is on monitoring and modelling of digital networks, detection of unauthorised access, and network management. She received the award for the publication "DNSSEC and its potential for DDos Attacks", presented during the ACM Internet Measurements Conferentie (IMC 2014) in 2014. IMC is the leading network measurement conference worldwide, and this paper, which was real team work, received the distinguished Community Contribution Award. In this paper a special type of dDOS-attacks is analysed, and five countermeasures are presented to considerably reduce the impact of such attacks. 27 Nov 2015 - ICT in Horizon 2020 During the CTIT Professors' Meeting on November 26, 2015, Rolf Vermeij and Iddo Bante presented overview of Horizon 2020 until now. University funding is drastically decreasing compared to FP7, and the success rates have dropped significantly (presentation is only visible for UT-members, in case you have access to the intranet). 25 Nov 2015 - New NWO IPPSI/KIEM project for Aiko Pras (EEMCS/DACS group) A second NWO IPPSI/KIEM project within CTIT was acquired by Aiko Pras  (EEMCS/DACS group): DNS Anycast Security. IPPSI KIEM is the Innovative Public-Private Cooperation programme of NWO. The project budget amounts to 150 k-€, funding 75 k-€. Partners are: NL-Net, SIDN, and SURFnet. 23 Nov 2015 - New NWO IPPSI/KIEM project for Mariëlle Stoelinga (EEMCS/FMT group) Mariëlle Stoelinga (EEMCS/FMT group) acquired a new NWO IPPSI/KIEM project: SamSam: An integral SAfety / Security Analysis fraMework. IPPSI KIEM is the Innovative Public-Private Cooperation programme of NWO. The project budget amounts to 79.7 k-€, funding 63.7 k-€. The project is co-funded by Delta Pi, an innovative SME in risk analysis for technical infrastructures. 18 Nov 2015 - Centre for Transport Studies involved in new 'STW Perspectief' programme The Centre for Transport Studies (CTS) will participate in a new 'STW Perspectief' programme, called iCAVE: 'Integrated Cooperative Automated Vehicles'. CTS leads one of the projects within this programme, with a budget of € 400.000. More info: UT-site and STW-site. 17 Nov 2015 - Best paper award at RFID 2015 Jordy Huiting, a PhD student of the CAES group, was awarded the Best Paper Award at the 5th international EURASIP workshop on RFID technology, RFID'2015, held October 22-23 in Rosenheim, Germany. Jordy's paper is enttitled: 12 Nov 2015 - Nedap University founded and started with exclusive software development course Following a tough selection process, the first class of students at Nedap University started a software development course this week. 12 Nov 2015 - First 3TU Workshop on Cyber Security Research in The Netherlands On November 26, 2015, the "First 3TU Workshop on Cyber Security Research in The Netherlands" will be held, organised by 3TU.NIRICT. The aim of the workshop is to create a cyber security research community that shares ideas, experiences and information on several aspects of cyber security. Both researchers and practitioners working within the field of cyber security are cordially invited to join! Participation is free of charge.