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11 Jan 2016 - European summit on robotics at UT campus What are the main opportunities and strengths of European robotic research? What do road maps look like, around themes like health care, manufacturing industry and security? From 12 to 15 January, about 100 leaders from science and industry come to University of Twente’s campus to discuss public-private partnerships in robotics. At the end of the week, there will be the kick-off of an innovative project, led by UT, about robots that will improve biopsy for cancer diagnostics. 7 Jan 2016 - €150,000 for research into ethical and legal aspects of drones Drones are a new force to be reckoned with in our society, and things are just getting off the ground. These devices can offer enormous benefits. Just think of fire fighting, crowd control or nature management. However, there is still much uncertainty regarding the ethical and legal aspects of the use of drones. Who, for example, is ultimately responsible if a drone wrongly concludes that a fire has been fully extinguished? What about privacy concerns? And in which situations can drones be deployed safely? Scientists working at the CTIT and IGS research institutes at the University of Twente have received a grant of €150,000 from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) to develop a ‘tool’ to link ethical, social and legal aspects to the development, testing and deployment of drones. The researchers hope that this project will form the prelude to a national centre of expertise devoted to this fascinating field. ‘All the relevant expertise is present right here in Twente.’  17 Dec 2015 - 25 January 2016: Info Day about Horizon 2020 ICT-LEIT (Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies) opportunities for research funding grants On 25 January 2016, an Info Day will be organised about Horizon 2020 ICT-LEIT (Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies) opportunities for research funding grants. The calls will be opened soon. 16 Dec 2015 - Save the date for the EIT Digital Conference & Partner Event 2016 EIT Digital Conference & Partner Event 2016, April 12-14 14 Dec 2015 - New network platform available for Twente region The Province of Overijssel and many local authorities want to become smart regions or cities. The University of Twente has now made it possible to achieve that ambition even sooner. The university has succeeded in expanding the Internet of Things (IoT) network to cover the entire region of Twente. The network is open to researchers, companies and students, enabling them to experiment with new IoT technologies, products and services. 14 Dec 2015 - Robot revolution raises urgent societal issues not addressed by policy Rapid developments in the automation of our everyday lives has prompted a world leading multidisciplinary group of technology scholars to form the Foundation for Responsible Robotics (FRR). Dr Aimee van Wynsberghe (University of Twente) is co-founder and President of FRR. 11 Dec 2015 - Additional Celtic-Plus Call with deadline on 26 February 2016 Please do not miss this opportunity to participate in the industry-driven European ICT and telecommunications research programme within EUREKA.  10 Dec 2015 - Statistics Netherlands and University of Twente enter into partnership Friday 27 November 2015 University of Twente and Statistics Netherlands signed a partnership agreement following a series of introductory meetings. Besides enabling the two parties to get to know each other, the meetings also served to explore the opportunities for innovation of research methods in the field of social sciences. Thanks to the partnership, our researchers can now take advantage of the extensive data collections of Statistics Netherlands.