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14 Dec 2015 - Robot revolution raises urgent societal issues not addressed by policy Rapid developments in the automation of our everyday lives has prompted a world leading multidisciplinary group of technology scholars to form the Foundation for Responsible Robotics (FRR). Dr Aimee van Wynsberghe (University of Twente) is co-founder and President of FRR. 11 Dec 2015 - Additional Celtic-Plus Call with deadline on 26 February 2016 Please do not miss this opportunity to participate in the industry-driven European ICT and telecommunications research programme within EUREKA.  10 Dec 2015 - Statistics Netherlands and University of Twente enter into partnership Friday 27 November 2015 University of Twente and Statistics Netherlands signed a partnership agreement following a series of introductory meetings. Besides enabling the two parties to get to know each other, the meetings also served to explore the opportunities for innovation of research methods in the field of social sciences. Thanks to the partnership, our researchers can now take advantage of the extensive data collections of Statistics Netherlands. 9 Dec 2015 - A guiding robot for Schiphol The HMI group of EEMCS (professor Vanessa Evers) is involved in developing a guiding robot for KLM passengers at Schiphol. After a construction period of 2 years, a first test of this 'Spencer robot' has taken place at Schiphol Airport on November 30, 2015. Spencer helps to efficiently transfer passengers form one gate to another. He has detailed maps of the airport, and laser eyes to determine distances. 2 Dec 2015 - University of Twente again voted most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands On Wednesday 2 December, the University of Twente was voted the top Dutch university in the area of commercial knowledge transfer: recognizing the university’s ability to create economic and social value from scientific knowledge. 30 Nov 2015 - Professor de Winter Award for Anna Sperotto (EEMCS/DACS) During the Dies Natalis of the University of Twente on November 27, 2015, the Professor de Winter Award for excellent scientific research of female toptalent was granted to Dr. Anna Sperotto (Assistant Professor EEMCS/DACS). It is intended for encouraging further development of a scientific career. Her research is on monitoring and modelling of digital networks, detection of unauthorised access, and network management. She received the award for the publication "DNSSEC and its potential for DDos Attacks", presented during the ACM Internet Measurements Conferentie (IMC 2014) in 2014. IMC is the leading network measurement conference worldwide, and this paper, which was real team work, received the distinguished Community Contribution Award. In this paper a special type of dDOS-attacks is analysed, and five countermeasures are presented to considerably reduce the impact of such attacks. 27 Nov 2015 - ICT in Horizon 2020 During the CTIT Professors' Meeting on November 26, 2015, Rolf Vermeij and Iddo Bante presented overview of Horizon 2020 until now. University funding is drastically decreasing compared to FP7, and the success rates have dropped significantly (presentation is only visible for UT-members, in case you have access to the intranet). 25 Nov 2015 - New NWO IPPSI/KIEM project for Aiko Pras (EEMCS/DACS group) A second NWO IPPSI/KIEM project within CTIT was acquired by Aiko Pras  (EEMCS/DACS group): DNS Anycast Security. IPPSI KIEM is the Innovative Public-Private Cooperation programme of NWO. The project budget amounts to 150 k-€, funding 75 k-€. Partners are: NL-Net, SIDN, and SURFnet.