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24 Nov 2017 - One Minute Madness Award winners @CTIT symposium 2017 Research institute CTIT congratulates the One Minute Madness Prize winners 8 Nov 2017 - UT and partners receive award for the largest 3D-printed ship propeller in the world Last week marked the twelfth time that Computable magazine presented the most prestigious IT awards in the Netherlands to organisations, projects and persons who stood out over the course of this past year. In the category “SME IT Project of the Year,” the project that produced the largest 3D-printed ship propeller in the world won the award. This enormous propeller is the result of a collaboration between RAMLAB, shipbuilder Damen, IBM, Materials Innovation Institute (M2i) and the Universities of Twente and Delft. 1 Nov 2017 - Online interventions successfully reduce post-cancer fatigue Severe fatigue is one of the most common complaints after cancer. About 20 to 40 percent of those who have successfully completed cancer treatments struggle with this problem. The ‘Fitter na Kanker (fitter after cancer) study shows that two online interventions are proving to be successful in reducing complaints of severe chronic fatigue. 12 Oct 2017 - UT researcher attacks colleagues In the field of online security, time and again human beings are the weakest link. PhD candidate Jan-Willem Bullee conducted several 'social attacks' at the University of Twente and examined the effectiveness of the countermeasures. He obtained a number of remarkable results: a personalized phishing e-mail is 50% more effective. Forty percent of employees installed potentially malicious software following a fake phone call. And education works, provided that not too much time passes between providing the information and the attack itself. 3 Oct 2017 - UT provides better insight into post-stroke movement quality After a stroke, patients struggle with various physical impairments that do not always disappear after intensive training and rehabilitation therapy. 29 Jun 2017 - UT enters battle against cancer with 3D-printed robot The world’s smallest and most accurate 3D-printed biopsy robot was revealed this week. 29 Jun 2017 - Hospitals often reserve time, space and emergency facilities unnecessarily. This emerged from research carried out by Nardo Borgman who developed a computer simulation model at the University of Twente. 30 May 2017 - Ton de Jong is awarded with the AECT Award Professor of Instructional Technology Ton de Jong is awarded with the Distinguished Development Award of the Association for Educational Communications & Technology (AECT).