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20 Feb 2017 - 'VICI'-Beurs voor Marieke Huisman en Alexander Brinkman Twee UT’ers ontvangen een Vici-subsidie - elk 1,5 miljoen euro - van de Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijke Onderzoek (NWO): prof. Marieke Huisman en prof. Alexander Brinkman. 19 Jan 2017 - Better Internet of Things security The University of Twente will investigate novel ways to improve the security for Internet of Things applications. 13 Dec 2016 - DACS researchers awarded with an IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize
13 Dec 2016 - Exploratory study: can big data improve education, and if so, how?  By making clever use of all available data from the field of education, it is theoretically possible to make education more effective and to help individual pupils and students get the most out of their educational experience. When it comes to utilizing big data, however, all kinds of practical, ethical, technical and legal aspects come into play. Researchers from the University of Twente are conducting an exploratory study to inventory the possibilities, opportunities and risks involved.  16 Nov 2016 - UT in five out of six 'Perspectief' projects Cartilage repair, energy efficient Internet of Things, new ways of controlling light, better flood protection and a brain prosthesis that can give sight to the blind. 9 Nov 2016 - Dyke inspection robot will be energy autonomous Future robots that continuously inspect our dykes don’t come across an electrical charging station every few hours. Using a smart gear box for the robot, UT researcher Douwe Dresscher manages to drastically reduce the energy consumption. The energy-autonomous robot comes closer. 7 Nov 2016 - 'Automated driving makes driving task complex' Before self-driving cars can really take off as a product, the interaction between vehicles and drivers needs significant improvement. 4 Nov 2016 - UT in 'driver's seat' digital society With its wide range of ICT research, the University of Twente is well prepared for the  ambition of The Netherlands to be a digital society frontrunner.