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Procedure to obtain a CTIT PhD thesis Series number

Contact persons for CTIT are Ellen ter Brugge or Miranda Davidson, secretariat CTIT; email: office@ctit.utwente.nl, phone: 053-489 3994/8031.


§You can apply for an ISBN number (International Standard Book Number). You can do this by sending online a completed electronic ISBN application form. Within 3 working days you will receive the ISBN number by e-mail.

§Library & Archive sends you a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) as well, a unique number which is attached to your publication. With this number your article can be traced easily.

CTIT thesis number

§The CTIT Ph.D. thesis series has its own ISSN-number: 1381-3617. Please fill out this number on the ISBN application form.

§An example of the format is:
ISSN 1381-3617; (CTIT Ph.D. thesis Series No. 10-170).

§You can contact Ellen ter Brugge or Miranda Davidson of the CTIT secretariat to apply for a CTIT thesis number.

§By way of thanks PhD students who mention the CTIT Ph.D. thesis series number in their theses, will receive a small gift from CTIT.

§As publisher CTIT should be mentioned:
University of Twente
Centre for Telematics and Information Technology (CTIT)
P.O. Box 217
7500 AE Enschede

Your thesis

§At one of the first pages of the thesis a reference to the publication in the CTIT Ph.D. thesis series and the CTIT logo should be included.

CTIT logo 10

CTIT Ph.D. Thesis Series No. 10-170

Centre for Telematics and Information Technology

P.O. Box 217, 7500 AE

Enschede, The Netherlands

§At the back of the thesis a small version of the CTIT logo followed by the CTIT Ph.D. thesis series number should be mentioned.

§CTIT would like to receive 1 copy of your thesis.

§Please submit your thesis to the publication system of the university.
For the EWI faculty this is E-prints and for the other faculties this is Metis.

Your thesis in the library

§As soon as you obtained your doctoral degree, it is very important to have good access to your dissertation. Good access means that for instance your peers get to know the results of your work and can cite and refer to your dissertation properly.

§Please take a look at the Library website to learn more about including your dissertation in catalogues and digital archives and databases and about getting the digital version of your dissertation in the UT-repository.