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Report CTIT symposium 2011

Security and Privacy: something to worry about?

CTIT Symposium “Security and Privacy - something to worry about?”

Tuesday June 7th, 2011

Technologies and ICT in particular, deeply affect our lives, mainly in the way in which we deal with information and knowledge. At the same time, our increasing dependence on digital infrastructures and services has increased our exposure to new threats at a disturbing scale. As a consequence, the use of ICT raises fundamental questions regarding security and privacy. How can it be guaranteed that only desired recipients are able to access information? How can the privacy of users be guaranteed in such complex new environments? Is our critical information infrastructure protected in an adequate way?

These are just some of the many security problems that need to be addressed if the benefits of the information revolutions are to be reaped successfully.

The aim of this symposium was to address the above mentioned concerns from different perspectives, reflecting their multidisciplinary nature. We invited top experts both from industry and academia, who demonstrated how technology, law and society come together, when security and privacy related issues have to be solved.

The list of invited speakers included

•Prof.dr.ir. Vincent Rijmen (TU Graz, Austria and KU Leuven)
“The first 10 years of Advanced Encryption”

Dr. George Danezis (Microsoft Research)
“Privacy preserving smart-metering”

Dr. Steven Murdoch (University of Cambridge)
“The Tor Anonymous Communication Network and its Users”

•Prof. Bert-Jaap Koops (TILT)
“Cybercrime and Jurisdiction: Transnational Challenges”

Prof. Pieter Hartel (UT)
“Cyber-crime Science = Crime Science + Information Security”

•Prof.mr.dr. Mireille Hildebrandt (RU Nijmegen) and Dr.ir. Martijn van Otterlo (KU Leuven)
“Privacy and security in the era of machine learning”

Part of the symposium program was the AIO Carrousel during which 8 PhD students gave a short presentation about their research activities.

For the first time 3 prizes were awarded for the best presentations of the PhD carrousel. The winners were:

•1st prize ((€ 500,00): Nikky Kortbeek (EWI/SOR) for his presentation entitled: ‘The Petri Net Medical Center’

•2nd prize (€ 250,00): Aimee van Wynsberghe (GW/Philosophy) for her presentation entitled: ‘A Method for Integrating Ethics into the Design Process of Care Robots – robots used in healthcare’

•3rd prize (€ 100,00): Wim Korevaar (EWI/CAES) for his presentation entitled: ‘Spectrum, Energy & Money Efficient Communications’

For the PhD poster competition 25 PhD students registered: a record! That is why the jury had a hard time deciding which posters were the best. The jury based its verdict on the criteria published for the competition i.e. clarity, novelty, attractiveness and appreciation of related work.

The prize winners were:

•1st prize (€ 500,00): Frank Leenaars (GW/IST) for his poster with the title: ’GearSketch: A drawing-based approach to computer modeling and simulation for primary school students’

•2nd prize (€ 250,00): Dina Hadziosmanovic (EWI/DIES) for her poster with the title: ’Smart Network Access Control for Smart SCADA’

•3rd prize (€ 100,00): Anna Kolesnichenko (EWI/DACS) for her poster with the title: ’Fast and accurate analysis of peer-to-peer botnet spread’



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