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Living the ICT Future

ICT research has contributed enormously to our economy and society. In the upcoming period ICT will reinvent itself to address the future challenges that our society is faced with. Would it not be nice to know the future? Traditionally senior people are asked to predict the future. However, their past is making this rather difficult; they often predict the future by extrapolating the past.

Therefore, we decided upon a different approach, asking our PhD-students to give their view on the future of ICT. Their past is too short to cause a distorted view on the future. More than 40 PhD-students contributed to the booklet ‘Living the ICT Future’. Their view on the future of ICT varies, giving the reader an opportunity to select a favorite one. This booklet has been published in honour of the 15th anniversary of CTIT in 2009. Please contact the CTIT secretariat (+31-53-4898031, +31-53-4893994, i.bante@ctit.utwente.nl) to receive your own copy.

Enyoy reading this booklet!

Iddo Bante, managing director CTIT